All cards aren’t the same – give OP-Visa Gold a try

Home loan customers get OP-Visa Gold free of monthly charges for 6 months

You can get the OP-Visa Gold card, packed with practical additional services, free of monthly charges for six months if you have a home loan with OP and you are a new OP-Visa Gold customer. 

This price benefit is yours when you apply for the card by calling the Gold customer service. That is, don’t fill in an application by yourself on the service or OP-mobile. Apply for the card by 31 December 2021. 


How to apply for the OP-Visa Gold card


  • Call the OP-Visa Gold customer service at 0100 0510 Mon–Fri 8–19.
    For the application, you’ll need basic information on your employment, incomes and debts.
  • Our specialist will fill in the application with you.
    You’ll receive the decision on the card during the phone call.
  • Accept the card agreement on the service.
    Log into the service and accept the application on the Omat kortit (My cards) page.
  • All done! The card and a new PIN code will be sent to your home address within 1–2 weeks.
    Once you’ve activated the new card, you can cancel your current card.

Gold comes packed with more security and practical services

OP-Visa Gold includes, among others:  


  • Travel insurance valid in Finland and abroad for the whole family.
  • Rental car insurance with reduction of rental car deductible up to 1,000 euros in case of an accident.
  • Product Protection Insurance for owner-customers, so that you’ll get your money back if the product you purchased gets broken within six months from the time of purchase.
  • LoungeKey for purchasing access to airport lounges.
  • Emergency cash service. If your Gold card is lost or damaged during a trip, you’ll get cash to the nearest bank or foreign exchange outlet.

Revamped OP-Visa Gold’s benefits from 1 November 2021

New features include travel insurance with even more extensive cover, two free airport lounge visits and Event ticket insurance. Gold card customers can start using the new benefits on 1 November 2021.

Read more about the new Gold benefits


What happens after the charge-free period?


Your OP-Visa Gold card will be valid as normal after the period of six charge-free months, and you will start paying the regular monthly charge as per the list of service charges and fees. If you are an owner-customer and have earned OP bonuses, the charges will be debited from your OP bonuses.  
You will not be separately notified when the charge-free period ends. If you wish, you can cancel the OP-Visa Gold card by contacting our customer service. 

What does the OP-Visa Gold package cost? 


Monthly charge:  


If you are an owner-customer, the Gold package normally costs 8.00 euros a month as part of daily banking services. This includes the OP-Visa Gold package (i.e. card and supplementary services), a current account and OP’s online service. If you have earned OP bonuses, the charges will be debited from your OP bonuses. 
If you are not an owner-customer, the Gold package normally costs 12.75 euros a month as part of daily banking services. This includes the OP-Visa Gold package (i.e. card and supplementary services), a current account and OP’s online service. 
Without daily services, an OP-Visa Gold package costs 7.75 euros per month. This includes the monthly card charge of 2.95 euros, plus supplementary services. 
During the six-month benefit period, you won’t be charged for the Gold package or the daily services.  
The price benefit is valid for home loan customers and new OP-Visa Gold customers when you make a Gold card agreement by 31 December 2021. 

Cost of credit 


The credit interest rate is the 3-month Euribor + 8.95 percentage points if the credit has debt with interest. The account service charge amounts to 3.50 euros per month.  
For an example of an effective interest rate calculation, see “OP-Visa Gold card’s effective interest rate”.  


The effective interest rate calculated for used credit of 2,000 euros is 15.07% (6/2021). This calculation is based on the assumption that the card’s monthly charge is 2.95 euros and the monthly account service charge 3.50 euros, that the credit interest rate, fees and charges remain constant throughout the credit period, and the credit is repaid in 12 identical monthly instalments. The estimated total amount payable is 2,156.15 euros.

If you have two payment cards, you can cancel the second card any time. Don’t cancel your old card until you’ve received your new OP-Visa Gold card and have confirmed that it is working. 

You can cancel a card by sending us a chat message (in Finnish) or an online message when you’re logged into OP-mobile or the service, notifying to us the last four digits of the card to be cancelled.

You can cancel your OP-Visa Electron yourself on the service. Once you’ve cancelled the other card, cut it into several pieces so that the chip and the magnetic stripe are destroyed. 

If you’re replacing a payment card with an OP-Visa Gold credit card, you only need to cancel your current payment card, if you wish, and start using OP-Visa Gold.

If you want to replace your current OP credit card with OP-Visa Gold, do note that cancelling your current credit card will also automatically terminate the credit. A possible outstanding balance won’t be transferred automatically to the new credit card. The repayment plan of terminated credit will continue as agreed, meaning that you don’t need to repay the credit in one instalment.

Remember to also make a new e-invoice order for your new card.


The card is granted by OP Retail Customers Plc.