Nainen soittaa korttien sulkupalveluun.

Deactivate a payment instrument that is lost, stolen or otherwise at risk

Notify OP Deactivation Service immediately if your payment card or another payment instrument is lost, stolen or otherwise at risk. You can call OP Deactivation Service at all hours from Finland at 0100 0555 (mnr/lnr) or, if you call from abroad, at +358 100 0555 . 

What happens when you call OP Deactivation Service?

OP Deactivation Service identifies the payment instruments at risk and deactivates them. After that, they can no longer be used to access the money on your accounts or your available credit funds. 

These payment instruments can be deactivated: 

  • Debit and credit cards 
  • OP's user ID for a personal or corporate customer 
  • Siirto service 
  • Mobile payments, on apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, if your smart device is at risk. 

If your card is not lost or misused, you can cancel it yourself. Go to OP-mobile and select Cancel card. After cancellation, you will not receive a new replacement card.


What information will OP Deactivation Service ask for? 

As the cardholder, you will be asked to provide your name and personal ID code. Prepare to answer questions related to the lost card: 

  • Which card or cards are lost or stolen? 
  • Was your physical card lost or stolen? Or the card details? 
  • When, where and in what situation was the card or its details lost? 
  • If your card has been misused, how did you notice it? 
  • Besides your card, is your phone, smartwatch or tablet lost or stolen? Does it include a payment instrument such as OP-mobile, Apple Pay or Google Pay? 
  • Is it possible that your OP's user ID or any of its components has been obtained by someone else? User ID components include username, password, key code list and Mobile key. 

If the cardholder can't call OP Deactivation Service themself, the card can be deactivated by a close relative or public authority. 

The bank will never ask for your payment instrument identifiers, such as OP User ID or password for online banking, full card number or card PIN. Not even when deactivating the payment instrument. 


What will deactivating a card or payment instrument mean? 

If your payment instrument is compromised and deactivated, you can’t use your card any longer. Your money is safe. No new payments can be made. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent payments based on pre-authorisations shown on your account, or international payments whose execution may take time. However, you can file a complaint about these, if necessary.   
When deactivating your card, we will automatically order a new card for you, to replace the lost or stolen card. The new card will have the same features as your deactivated card, but the card number and the PIN will change. You will get a new card and PIN in about two weeks, either to your home or bank branch, depending on the selection you have made before. You can change a home delivery to branch delivery for security reasons. We charge for a new card on the basis of our list of charges and fees. 
If you had used the deactivated card through the Google Pay or Apple Pay payment app, your new card details will be updated to the app automatically. This means that you can continue to pay with your payment app even before you receive your new card. If a card is deactivated as lost or stolen or when the card details are at risk, remember to update the renewed card's details with any other services you use.
In cases of misuse, we may have to deactivate your card before its final deactivation. Customer Service will inform you if your situation requires action like this. Deactivation ensures that no one can longer make any debit transactions from your card. The deactivated card can’t be used and Apply Pay and Google Pay don’t work. When the card is deactivated and a new card has been ordered, the deactivation ends and you can again use payment apps.  
Deactivating and cancelling a payment card is irrevocable and can’t be reversed. If you later find the lost card, cut it into pieces so that the chip and the magnetic stripe are destroyed.


What should you do after deactivation? 

By deactivating your payment instrument you have already done everything you can to secure the money on your accounts and your available credit funds. 

If your OP's user ID was also deactivated, you can no longer log into the, OP's mobile apps. In that case, you need to visit a bank branch to get a new OP's user ID. In some branches, you need to book an appointment. Remember to take a valid ID card or passport with you – a driving licence is not a sufficient ID document here. 

Book an appointment at a bank branch 

Acceptable personal ID documents 

In the case of theft, or if you notice any unknown payment transactions on your account or bill, always file a police report. After reporting to the police, you can file a complaint (correction request). A claim settlement decision will be taken only after the complaint is processed. 

If you only see a preauthorisation, wait until it changes into an account transaction before filing a police report and complaint. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or prevent preauthorisations or international payments already made, even if they were not debited from your account at the time of deactivation, because these payment transactions were confirmed with a card or OP User ID before the payment instrument was deactivated. 

See how to file a complaint