Henkilö muuttaa maksukortin turvarajoja puhelimella OP-mobiilissa.

Set security limits for your card

You can set security limits for your payment card, suitable for your card use, and change them whenever you need to.

What are security limits?

Security limits are daily maximum limits for card payments. They protect your card in case of loss or misuse. You can set different spending and withdrawal limits for your card’s credit facility (credit) and for payments debited directly from your account (debit).  

You can change your payment card’s limits quickly and easily on the op.fi service or OP-mobile and as often as you like. The new limits will take effect immediately. 

​Change your card’s spending limits in the op.fi service

  1. Log into the op.fi service
  2. Select Omat kortit (My cards).
  3. Select the card whose spending limits you want to change. 
  4. Open Asetukset ja tiedot (Settings and details).
  5. 5. Under Turvallisuus (Security), select Muokkaa kortin turvarajoja (Edit card security limits).
  6. Confirm the change with Mobile key or the key code list. 

Change your card’s spending limits in the op.fi service

Changing your card’s security limits on OP-mobile 

  1. Log into OP-mobile 
  2. Under Money, select the card whose spending limits you want to change.
  3. Tap the settings icon on the top right corner to go to the card's settings.
  4. Tap Edit security limits. 
  5. Set the new limits and save.
  6. Confirm the change with Mobile key. 


What kind of security limits should be set for a card? 

You should set such spending and withdrawal limits that correspond with your normal daily use of the card. In addition to the spending and withdrawal limits, your account can have transaction limits for restricting the use of the account and the card.

  • The cash withdrawal limit restricts how much cash you can withdraw with your card on ATMs in Finland and abroad or at store checkouts. 
  • The limit for payments made using a card reader restricts the amount you can pay with your card in stores, restaurants and such. 
  • The limit for purchases made online or in apps restricts the amount you can pay with your card online and in mobile apps.

For example, if you make online purchases very rarely with your card, it’s a good idea to set 0 euros as the spending limit for purchases made online and in apps. In that case, the card can’t be used for online purchases at all. Whenever you need to, you can raise the spending limit easily on the op.fi service or OP-mobile.  
Note that your security limits apply to payments for which a preauthorisation is placed on your account or credit card, meaning a hold placed in advance for a future payment. Spending and withdrawal limits do not include account transfers using the credit facility via the op.fi service. 
You can conveniently track your card transactions on the op.fi service and OP-mobile, also when travelling. 
Also, remember to ensure that your credit card has a credit limit suitable for your card use.

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