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4 rational arguments to use a credit card

Do you make the most of OP’s cards?

1. Credit cards are a safe way to pay online  

Credit cards are a safe way to pay anywhere, also on the web.  If, for example, you never get a product you have bought online or it is defective, you can receive compensation from the credit card company. This also applies to paying for journeys. 
If you use your credit card to pay for a flight and the airline goes bankrupt before your journey, the credit card company will compensate the cost of your airline ticket. 
Visa Secure (formerly Verified by Visa) or Mastercard Identity Check (previously Mastercard SecureCode) authentication services enable you to pay safely online. Using them is equivalent to you your signature. The services reliably authenticate not only you but also the webshop, that is, both parties to the online transaction.

2. Free insurance on products paid for with cards  

OP’s cards include Product Protection Insurance for owner-customers. It insures your purchases for a half-year period. 
Product Protection Insurance may provide cover, for example, if your brand-new spectacles get broken or your new tablet falls to the floor or ground and gets broken. The deductible is 75 euros. Up to 2,000 euros is compensated for an individual item. Product Protection Insurance is valid when you pay for your purchases with OP-Visa Gold, OP-Platinum or OP-Mastercard.

3. Credit cards are a safer choice than cash during a journey

Stealing cash is easier than a PIN code and in many cases it is not easy to trace cash. If your card is stolen although you have used it carefully and you have immediately reported your credit card stolen, you will not be liable to pay for any fraudulent usage. 
During a journey, booking a hotel room or renting a car may sometimes be impossible without a credit card. 

4. Flexibility for daily life with credit cards 

Credit cards are a smart and easy way to deal with unexpected expenses. Your credit card provides you with a 35-day interest-free billing period. After that, you can pay off your credit balance in full or divide the payments into instalments that suit your needs. You can easily change your repayment plan at op.fi or on OP-mobile. 
You can anytime transfer credit to your account at op.fi or on OP-mobile and pay, say, unexpected bills on time. 
When you have an OP credit card in your pocket, you can make purchases anywhere and make the most of the best offers. And besides you are not tied to store credit cards.

Ensure that your credit card corresponds to your life situation – update your card or increase the credit limit 

In many cases, it is advisable to update the credit card type or increase the credit limit. For example, OP-Visa Gold can be a good choice if you are a frequent traveller.

Read more about OP-Visa Gold and apply for a card

You can increase the credit limit at op.fi  

Product Protection Insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. The cards are granted by OP Card Company Plc.