Paying online purchases safely with a credit card

It is secure and smart to pay with a credit card – online, too. Check whether you are already using these benefits of paying with a credit card!

Your money is safe when you pay with a credit card

When you pay by credit card, the credit card company acts as a kind of buffer between your money and the online store.

A product you have ordered from an online store may turn out to be faulty, or be lost during transport. If the seller is in breach of contract, you can apply for a refund from the credit card company. Breach of contract occurs if, for example, you do not receive the product you paid for, or it does not fulfil the contract.

This also applies to travel. If you use a credit card to pay for travel, you will even be protected if the airline or tour operator goes bankrupt. You can also request a refund from the credit card company if an airline or tour operator cancels a journey but does not compensate you for it.

Product Protection Insurance for your purchases

Things will happen: the screen of a new phone breaks or you accidentally pour liquid on a laptop. Did you know that as an OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer, your credit card includes the free Product Protection Insurance? The products you have paid with a credit card are covered against breakage or theft for six months from the date of purchase up to EUR 2,000. 

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Payments on the internet are safe, thanks to strong identification

You can safely enter your card details in an online store. As a rule, the Payment Service Directive, or PDS2, always requires strong identification from the customer when using account information or payment services. 

In practice, this means that after you have entered you card details in the online store, you will automatically be forwarded to OP’s identification service, in which you identify yourself using a mobile key or online  bank user identifiers. After identification, you can accept the payment and wait for your purchases to arrive with a peace of mind. 

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Spending/withdrawal limits protect against misuse

Cards may sometimes become lost or stolen even if the user had exercised care in using the card. Therefore, spending/withdrawal limits should be set for the card. You can set day-specific spending/withdrawal limits for cash withdrawals, pre-authorised card purchases and online payments as well as other distance purchases. 

In particular, the spending/withdrawal limits for online and remote purchases should be kept small, as you can always increase them, where necessary. You can make changes to your spending/withdrawal limits as often as you want through OP-mobile or The new limits take effect immediately. 

Check the spending/withdrawal limits of your card

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Interest-free payment period for your purchases

When you pay with a credit card, the sum is charged from the credit account linked to the card, not directly from your bank account as in debit card payments. Paying with a credit card, you will receive a payment period that gives you an average of 35 days interest-free on your credit invoice. The credit only starts to bear interest if you do not pay the whole invoice by the due date of the first credit invoice.

Where necessary, you can schedule the payments for more expensive purchases over a longer period of time. You can pay the monthly minimum instalment for the credit or pay the entire credit amount as you wish. To make the most of your credit card, check that your credit limit is sufficiently high in view of the needs of your household.

Increase credit limit at

Use OP’s additional services for credit cards for more everyday cover

OP’s most versatile credit cards include value-for-money additional services. OP-Visa Gold, for example, includes comprehensive travel insurance and Identity Theft Protection. Our Identity Theft Protection specialists help you take steps to prevent identity theft and clarify the situation as well as limit consequences in case of fraud. Where necessary, the specialists will help you remove any unfounded payments, cancel any fraudulent orders made in your name, and delete any payment reminders relating to identity theft.

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You always easily see your card’s transactions online or on mobile

If you notice card transactions on your credit that you do not recognise, deactivate your card immediately by calling OP’s deactivation service 0100 0555 (24/7). You can then submit a request for information, or complaint, about the card transactions. 

Issue complaint

How to find your credit card number for online payments

On OP’s payment cards, the credit card number is on the front of the card. The card’s security code (three-digit CVC number) is next to the signature field on the back of the card. 

The debit card’s (debit) number is in the lower edge on the back of the card, immediately followed by the card’s three-digit security code, or CVC.


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