Paying securely at checkouts and online

It is advisable to set spending and withdrawal limits for the payment card in the case of the loss of the card or fraud. Keep your card as safe as cash.

Set spending and withdrawal limits for your card

It is advisable to set spending and withdrawal limits for the payment card in the case of the loss of the card or fraud. You can set such daily limits for withdrawals, card purchases requiring pre-authorisation hold and online payments and other distance purchases. Set the limits separately on your card's Credit and Debit side. Account transfers and bill payments made on OP eServices using the credit side are not included in the spending/withdrawal limits.

You can set and change such limits on OP eServices. New limits take effect immediately. We recommend that you change these limits whenever you need.

Please note that the account may have a spending or withdrawal limit that restricts card payments, in addition to spending or withdrawal limit linked to the card.

Keep your card and PIN safe

  • Learn the card's PIN by heart and destroy the letter sent from the bank containing the PIN. Do not indicate your PIN in your card or elsewhere.
  • Never give your card to anyone or never disclose your PIN to anyone – not even a bank or the authorities will ask you for it in any circumstances.
  • Keep your card as safe as cash. Ensure every now and then that your card is safe.
  • Do not leave your card unattended, for example, in a car, hotel room or on a table in a restaurant. If your own carelessness contributes to the fraud of your card, you are personally liable for fraud-induced losses in part or in full. For example, you may never keep your card's PIN in the same place with your card.
  • When you get a new card, destroy the old one by cutting it in half at the chip and magnetic stripe.

Watch your card transactions and make a complaint about any errors

If you find that your bank statement or credit card bill has card transactions unknown to you, cancel your card without delay by calling OP Deactivation Service at 0100 0555 (local/mobile network rate, open 24/7). You can then submit a request for information, or complaint, about the card transactions. 

For reasons related to card security, Card Security Service may contact you by sending you an SMS. This means an inquiry related to card security. If you get such a message, call our Card Security Service at 010 252 1530 (open 24/7). Call charges:

  • €0.0835 per call + €0.167 per minute from land-line phones in Finland (VAT included).
  • €0.0835 per call + €0.167 per minute from mobile subscriptions (VAT included).
  • Do not use an ATM if you are uneasy about people nearby.
  • Allow for your part others to do ATM transactions in privacy.
  • When you punch in your PIN, cover the keyboard so that no unauthorised person can see it.
  • If you feel unsafe, press the red Stop button instead of your PIN. Take your card and withdraw cash later.
  • If you notice something suspicious at the ATM, please contact the bank, ATM operator or the police.
  • Try to avoid situations where your card is taken out of your sight.
  • Check the sum before you punch in your PIN or sign.
  • When you punch in your PIN, cover the keyboard so that no unauthorised person can obtain it.
  • Be prepared to prove your identity – your own interest is involved.
  • Ensure that you will get you own card back after payment.
  • Keep the receipt/sales slip and compare it with your bank statement or card bill.
  • Dispose of old receipts/sales slips carefully.
  • When you pay online, use webshops with Verified by Visa or Mastercard Identity Check as payment option.

Contactless payment is an easy, quick and safe way to pay for small purchases and is becoming a more common payment method. Payments made without PIN reduce the risk of someone observing your PIN during payment transactions. When you pay contactless, your card's PIN cannot fall into the hands of a criminal.

  • With a contactless card, you can pay for a maximum purchase of 50 euros without a PIN.
  • Every now and then a payment terminal will request you to insert your card and enter your PIN – also for purchases of less than 50 euros. This is to ensure that the card is being used by the original cardholder.
  • If your card has fallen into the hands of an unauthorised person, many charges cannot be made with it because the number and total value of contactless payments without PIN have been restricted.

Visa Secure  and Mastercard Identity Check  are services that enhance online payment security. This service ensures that paying online is secure. When you pay for your purchases on the web through the Visa Secure or Mastercard Identity Check services, you will go to OP eServices where you acknowledge your purchase in encrypted internet connection using your personal online service user identifiers. This way both the merchant and buyer have been reliably authenticated. You can identify the web shops that use the services with the Visa Secure or Mastercard Identity Check logo.

OP Ryhmälle on tärkeää suojata asiakkaiden tietoja ja toimintaa pankkiasiointiin liittyen. Korttimaksamisen osalta se tarkoittaa maksukorttitietojen sekä maksutapahtumien käsittelyn tietoturvan varmistamista näihin liittyviä vaatimuksia vasten. Tältä osin olemme tehneet merkittävän edistysaskeleen.

Maksukorttitietojen ja -tapahtumien turvaamiseksi ja kuluttajien suojaamiseksi näihin liittyviltä uhkilta on kehitetty korttimaksamisen tietoturvastandardi PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). OP Ryhmä on viime vuosina kehittänyt vahvasti korttimaksamiseen liittyviä prosesseja ja toimintaa kyseisen standardin tietoturvavaatimuksia vasten. Tämän kehittämisen myötä OP on saavuttanut PCI DSS -tietoturvastandardin asettamat vaatimukset ja saanut toiminnalleen niitä vastaavan PCI DSS -sertifioinnin.

”Asiakkaiden asioinnin turvallisuuden huomioiminen on meille hyvin tärkeää ja on hienoa, että pystymme osoittamaan sen nyt vielä korttimaksamisen sertifioinnin ja sen jatkuvan ylläpidon kautta”, sanoo OP:n korttiliiketoiminnasta vastaava Anssi Huhta.

Maksukorttien käyttäjien on hyvä muistaa muutama perussääntö. Korttia tulee säilyttää huolellisesti ja pitää kortin tunnusluku vain omana tietonaan. Tunnuslukua ei tule kertoa kenellekään, vaikka kysyjä vaikuttaisikin luotettavalta tai asialliselta. Jos korttisi tai tunnuslukusi katoaa tai päättyy vääriin käsiin, ota välittömästi yhteys sulkupalveluun.

Soita sulkupalveluun 0100 0555 (24 h/vrk)

Ulkomailta soitettaessa numero on +358 100 0555 (24 h/vrk)

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard eli PCI DSS on tietoturvastandardi, joka määrittää vaatimukset turvalliselle korttitietojen käsittelylle. PCI DSS -standardi koskee kaikkia toimijoita ja järjestelmiä, jotka tallentavat, käyttävät, siirtävät tai muulla tavoin käsittelevät maksukorttitietoja ja -tapahtumia. Standardin ovat laatineet suurimmat korttiyhtiöt (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover ja JCB).