Smooth online payments with your card

With OP cards, you can pay your online purchases securely and easily. According to the Payment Services Act, online purchases generally require strong identification. This will increase the security of your payments.

What you need in online stores at the time of payment

When paying online purchases with OP Visa or OP Duo cards, you need:

  • your mobile device on which you either use Mobile key or receive an SMS containing a serial number for the key code list.
  • the card number that is visible on the front of your card*
  • the three-digit security code that you can find at the back of the card, on the right hand side of the signature panel*
  • the card’s expiry date that is visible on the front of your card, in the format mm/yy

*On a combination card, the debit card number is on the back of the card, and the security code is right next to the debit card number.

After you have entered your card details, you will be automatically transferred to OP’s service for strong identification. You will identify yourself to the service with the identification method linked to your card, which is one of the following:

  • Mobile key
  • OP's user ID, further confirmation SMS and key code list.

You don’t have to know the identification method beforehand. The service will automatically offer the methods available for your card.

How can I start using Mobile key?

You can start using Mobile key by downloading the OP-mobile app. If you have OP’s user ID, you can confirm online purchases made with most cards by using Mobile key. If you don’t have OP’s user ID but have the K-Plussa Maksuaika card or OP Business Debit Card, you can still confirm your online purchases with Mobile key.

See how you can start using Mobile key if you have OP’s user ID

See how you can start using Mobile key without OP’s user ID


  1. First make your purchases, then proceed to paying with your card.
  2. Select Maksa (Pay). This will take you to OP’s service for identification.
  3. If you use the Mobile key, select that as the identification method.
  4. Open OP-mobile on your phone. At this stage, you won’t receive a separate notification on your phone on opening the app.
  5. Tap Confirm with Mobile key.
  6. On the app’s screen, check the card payment recipient and the amount you’re confirming. Confirm the transaction with the Mobile key PIN you’ve selected yourself and by tapping Confirm.
  7. You’ll get a notification of successful confirmation. Select Valmis (Ready).
  8. After the card transaction has been verified, you’ll receive confirmation of the payment.
  9. You’ll return to the merchant’s website and receive an order confirmation from the merchant.
  1. First make your purchases and then proceed to payment.
  2. Choose Visa or Mastercard as payment method.
  3. Enter your card’s number and expiry date.
  4. Click or tap Pay. This will take you to OP’s service for identification.
  5. Enter your personal OP username and password.
  6. You receive a further confirmation SMS that contains a serial number for a key code.
  7. Enter the key code that corresponds to the serial number given in the further confirmation SMS.
  8. You receive confirmation of the identification completed successfully.
  9. You return to the merchant’s website.
  10. After the card transaction has been verified, you’ll receive an order confirmation from the merchant.


For further confirmation messages, please check that your customer details contain the correct phone number.

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See how to change a phone number for further confirmation linked to your user ID 

When paying online purchases with a card through Pivo, confirm the payment as follows:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Confirm the payment by swiping.

In some cases, a separate identification is required to confirm your card payment with Pivo. In such a case, Pivo will direct you to the service where you will identify yourself and confirm the payment with your online bank user identifiers.

The requirement of strong customer identification applies to all online payments. The change is based on the EU’s payment services directive (PSD2).

What does the requirement mean for you?

The requirement applies to online purchases with cards and card payments through mobile apps. At store checkouts, you can continue to pay with your card, using your PIN or contactless payment.

What does strong identification mean?

You can be identified electronically in different ways. The purpose of strong identification is to verify a person’s identity and make the use of services safe. Strong identification is derived from the Payment Services Act. According to the law, as a rule a person’s identity must be verified using strong identification whenever account details and payment services are used. OP customers identify themselves either with Mobile key or a key code list.

Why is it necessary to confirm online purchases through strong identification? 

The purpose of strong customer authentication is to increase the security of payments, improve consumer protection and decrease misuse related to payments. When strong customer authentication is required with purchases, it can be ensured that the verified identity definitely belongs to the person making the purchase. So, your money will be safer as each online purchase will require strong customer authentication.

Is strong identification always required with online purchases? Are there situations in which strong identification is not required?

As a rule of thumb, you should always be prepared for strong identification when buying something online. However, the Payment Services Act does allow for some exceptions to this rule. They include, for example, recurring subscriptions for which the same agreed amount is charged to the card each month, payment transactions involving small sums and low-risk payment transactions.

How does strong identification affect a minor’s online payments?

The requirement applies to everyone who pays online with a card, so strong identification is also required from minors. Minors who wish to make online purchases, should apply for a a user ID for OP's digital services.

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