Using a new card – how to start using your new card

When you start using your card correctly, its use will be safe and you can make the most out of your card.

Four easy steps how to start using a new card

  1. Sign the card

    Sign the card as soon as you receive it. Write your signature in the field reserved for it on the back of the card. Write with a visible pen that does not smudge – for example, with a ball-point pen or a narrow permanent felt-tip pen.

  2. Memorise your PIN

    Memorise the PIN of your card. After that, destroy the printed sheet containing the PIN.

    If you have received a new card that has the same card number as your old card, your old PIN remains unchanged. This is the case when your card is annually renewed or if your card has broken and you order a new card.
  3. Use the card for the first time

    Activate your card by making the first purchase with it at your local grocery or another shop. When you make the first card payment, you must insert the card into the POS terminal and confirm the payment with your PIN. After you have activated the card, you can also use contactless payment.

    If your card has both the debit and the credit feature, activate contactless payment by making a payment at a POS terminal on the debit side and confirm the payment with your PIN.
  4. Set the card‘s spending and withdrawal limits on OP-mobile or at

    You can set or edit your card’s spending and withdrawal limits yourself on OP-mobile or on the service. You can set separate spending/withdrawal limits for cash withdrawals, pre-authorised card payments and online purchases. The spending/withdrawal limits protect your card in case of loss or fraudulent use of the card.

    You can change the spending and withdrawal limits every day, if needed. The new limits take effect immediately.

    Read more about the spending/withdrawal limits for your card


When you see that your new card works, terminate your old card so that you will no longer be charged for it and it does not fall into wrong hands accidentally.

You should always destroy an unnecessary old payment card. Cut the card carefully into several pieces so that the chip and the magnetic stripe are destroyed.

Make your card even easier to use

  • Avoid unnecessary use of the keyboard by ordering your credit card bill directly to OP's digital services. Order the e-invoice by entering the following information on OP-mobile or the service: 

Payee: OP Retail Customers Plc. 
Subject of invoice: OP-Visa/Mastercard bill. 

You can find the required reference in the card details.
Read more about ordering an e-invoice

  • The monthly payment of credit cards has been automatically set at a minimum so that you can decide yourself on the amount of credit repayment. When you receive the bill, you can decide whether you want to pay the amount of the bill, a bigger amount or the whole credit in one go.
  • Keep your card’s credit limit up to date with your life situation. You can raise your card’s credit limit on OP-Mobile or the service.
  • Earn Plussa money conveniently with your OP card. You can add K-Plussa to your debit or credit card free of charge. Add the Plussa feature to your card
What is a credit card?
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