OP Saavutettava on esteetön ja selkokielinen verkkopalvelu.

OP Accessible

Easy-to-use online service for daily banking in clear language

Easy access to basic digital banking

OP Accessible is an online service that is easy to use. It is designed for customers who need a simple online service in clear language.

Smooth use with various devices and tools

OP Accessible adapts to the display of the device used. It works with keyboard only and with screen readers.

OP Accessible makes online services available to all customers

OP Accessible is an online service that is easy to use. It looks clear and light. OP Accessible adapts to the display of the device used. It can be used with a mobile phone, tablet and computer. OP Accessible can be used without a mouse and just with a keyboard. You can also use it with screen readers.

To use OP Accessible, you don't need to register or order it. It's available to all OP customers who have OP eServices user identifiers. You can log in to OP Accessible with the same user identifiers that you use to log in to OP’s other digital services, that is, with your OP User ID  or your OP Service User ID.

What banking matters can I do in OP Accessible?

OP Accessible includes basic banking services. You can make payments and transfer money to your own account. You can also view your accounts, account balances and account transactions. You can use OP Accessible in Finnish, Swedish or English. 

More services on OP-mobile

If you want to use our services with your phone, we recommend our regular app, OP-mobile. OP-mobile is an easy and secure app. You can use it for taking care of your main banking and insurance matters, wherever you are. OP-mobile also has a voiceover feature for iPhone, meaning that people with visual impairments can use OP-mobile, too. 

OP Saavutettava sopii hyvin myös ikäihmisille.

Who can use OP Accessible?

OP Accessible has been designed and developed together with customers with special needs. We planned it with older people, persons with visual impairments and people who have motoric challenges.

With OP Accessible, we want to give everyone an equal chance to use basic digital banking services independently, regardless of

  • any visual or hearing impairments
  • any motoric or other functional defects
  • their age, language skills or IT skills.

The language used in OP Accessible is easy, so the service is also suitable for customers who can understand some Finnish, Swedish or English.

Siirto payment
The Siirto payment enables you to send money easily and securely with just a phone number. Learn more and activate Siirto!

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get OP bonuses that decrease your banking and insurance service charges. In 2024, you will earn 40% more OP bonuses than normal.

OP bonuses come from

  • funds in savings accounts
  • home loans, student loans and secured bank loans
  • mutual fund units and unit-linked insurance
  • paid insurance premiums, such as home and motor vehicle insurance and continuous travel insurance.

OP bonuses are tax-free. Because of that they are automatically used for loan service and origination fees and insurance premiums, among other things.

Read more about OP bonuses

As an owner-customer, you also get significant benefits and discounts. For example, you will get daily banking services without monthly charges until the end of 2024 and interest on your Current Account. Furthermore, you'll enjoy lower saving and investing costs than usual.

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