The easiest way to split shared expenses
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Pivo will be closed down on 4 September 2024

You can log into Pivo and view your data in the app as usual until its closing day. Pivo student card will remain in use as normal until the closing down of Pivo.

Make payments and approve any payment requests you have received and open expenses in groups no later than 3 September 2024. We also recommend that you take note of the details of any open payment requests and expenses in groups to avoid losing the information. If you have no open expenses or student card in Pivo, you don’t need to do anything.

In future, you can use the Siirto payment on OP-mobile for making payments. 

Learn more about Siirto payments

In future, you will be able to monitor your spending through the My financial balance feature on OP-mobile.

Learn more about My financial balance

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Money moves from one account to another in real time

When sending money with Pivo, the money reaches its destination right away – also in the evenings and at weekends.

Domestic and secure mobile payment app

Developed by OP Financial Group, the Pivo mobile payment app has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol by the Association for Finnish Work.

Over a million registered users

Pivo already has over 1.2 million registered users in Finland, and hundreds of thousands of people use Pivo every month for payment.

What is Pivo?

Pivo is a versatile mobile payment app with which you can pay conveniently and securely in any situation. Transfer money easily to a friend or spouse and pay with your phone in online stores and apps. With Pivo, you can pay without account numbers, bank identifiers, card numbers or any other hassle. You only need to enter your data once in Pivo.

Convenient mobile payment in all situations

  • Send and request money from another person easily, using just a phone number. You don’t need to know account numbers, and money will move from one account to another in real time. Pivo can be used by any bank's customers, so you can also transfer money to persons who are customers with a different bank than you.
  • Pay in thousands online stores and apps easily and securely. Select Pivo or Siirto as payment method and confirm the payment on Pivo with a single swipe.
The service is provided by Pivo Wallet Oy, which is a part of the OP Financial Group.