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Checklist for getting a pet

A pet is an important member of the family that has to be well taken care of. We put together an article that you should go through if you are planning to get a pet.

Think about why you are getting a pet

Do you have the right reasons for your choice? Does the pet suit your life situation? Is anyone in your family allergic to the animal in question? Getting a pet must be planned so that you can provide it with a good life that suits its needs for up to 15–20 years to come.

Where to find the new family member?

When getting a dog, a reliable breeder or an animal welfare association is often a good option. If you are looking for a cat, you may want to browse newspaper ads and online message boards or ask friends, breeders or animal welfare associations about any cats that are for sale or need a home. Each municipality also has an obligation to take care of stray animals in their area, so find out who is responsible for the care of stray animals in your municipality and enquire about a suitable pet there.

Say NO to puppy mills!

When getting a pet, make sure that you are not supporting pet breeding that is done at the expense of animal welfare, i.e. at so-called puppy mills.

The purchase price of a pet is only a fraction of the costs

A pet will result in many kinds of expenses to its owner during its life. In addition to the purchase price, money will be spent on, for example, food, vet fees, medications as well as equipment, such as toys, collars and leashes.

With the help of consumer credit, you can ensure that you have financing ready right when your pet suddenly falls ill, for example. When a credit offer is already there, you can conveniently transfer the money to your account before the vet visit.

Insure your pet with the policy it deserves

If your animal friend gets sick or injured, you will want to provide it with the best possible care. That is why it is important to insure your pet already as a puppy. The insurance covers, for example, doctor’s fees, medical examination expenses and prescription medications well as a compensation if the pet is stolen, goes missing or dies of disease or injury.

Keep these in mind as well!

  • Make sure to feed your pet regularly and with high-quality food, but be careful not to overfeed it. Obesity, as well as being excessively skinny, is as much a burden to a pet as it is to a human.
  • Spend time with your pet and go outdoors with it regularly.
  • Remember to take care of vaccinations and parasite control.
  • Tag your pet with a microchip; it will be useful in situations such as if your pet is collected because it has run away.
  • Get a passport for your pet if you plan to travel with it outside Finnish borders.
  • Train your dog to behave in society – it is your duty.

Owning a pet means great responsibility

Owning a pet involves a lot of responsibility and many obligations. Remember that you are always responsible for the well-being of your pet, but also for its behaviour. Different animals and breeds have different needs, and you must ensure that the needs of the animal are met. In return, your pet will bring light and joy to your life every day.

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