Joustoluotto on monipuolinen kulutusluotto, joka sopii pieniin ja suuriin elämän hankintoihin muuttolaatikoista keittiöremonttiin.

Flexible Consumer Credit

Make you holiday dreams come true – why not ever year.

Suitable credit amount

You can apply for Flexible Consumer Credit worth 1,000–8,500 euros.


No collateral or guarantor

You do not need any guarantors or collateral, such as an owner-occupied home.


Owner-customer benefits

As an owner-customer, you get OP bonuses from Special Consumer Credit.

Flexibility to renovation and moving home

Moving soon? Renovation too? Flexible Consumer Credit is a well-suited solution to you to make your dreams come true or balance your personal finances.

Flexible Consumer Credit is a versatile consumer loan that is helpful if you incur smaller and bigger expenses related to renovation or moving home, whether it is a matter of removal boxes or an extensive kitchen remodelling. When financing is in order, you can avoid one source of stress.

Apply for Flexible Consumer Credit for any purchases without collateral. If you are not yet our customer or do not have user identifiers for OP eServices, book an appointment in the nearest branch.

Fill in a credit application in good time. An approved application is valid for three months without any separate charges. You can draw down the credit just when it suits you best.

Only one credit application is needed

You can apply for credit conveniently online. Fill in an application and the money will go to your account when it suits you best – you do not need to visit a bank branch.

Flexible Consumer Credit is flexible also after you have drawn down one loan: after you have paid back some of the credit, you can draw it down again for your use without filling in a new application. So Flexible Consumer Credit is a continuous financing option for everyday and leisure needs. You can transfer credit to your account when you need it and repay it as you would with a credit card.

With Flexible Consumer Credit, finance is readily available to you just when you need it. Convenient, isn't it?

Johanna Ilonen Product Expert, OP
Joustoluotto Joustoluotto
Täsmäluotto on kertaluonteinen kulutusluotto, joka sopii erityisesti kertahankintoihin.
Spring is time to make your dreams come true
Motorcycle, trip or kitchen renovation – make your dreams come true with unsecured Special Consumer Credit. Apply online!
Applying for credit, and collateral Granting a credit, drawing down a credit

Fill in the application on OP eServices, call OP telephone service at 010 253 1333 or visit a member cooperative bank branch. You will hear the decision concerning your application at once or within two banking days, at the latest. An approved application is valid for three months without any separate charges. After you have accepted the offer, the credit is readily available to you on OP eServices. Your first drawdown must be at least 1,000 euros, after which you can draw down smaller amounts too.

You are eligible to receive Flexible Consumer Credit if you are a long-standing customer using a OP member cooperative bank or Helsinki OP Bank as your main bank, are at least 23 years of age, have regular income in terms of pay or pension, have sufficient financial standing, have managed your personal finances well and have a permanent residence in Finland. Receiving the credit always requires approval by OP Card Company Plc that extends the credit. OP Card Company Plc is a credit institution wholly owned by OP Financial Group.

Because Flexible Consumer Credit is an unsecured credit, you do not need any collateral or guarantor.

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Credit repayment Monthly repayment and repayment date

You make a monthly repayment of an agreed amount but at least 2.5% of the credit limit and a minimum of 50 euros. You can choose 1st, 8th, 16th or 24th of the month as the due date.

After you have paid back some of the credit, you can re-draw it for your use on OP eServices.

Cost of the credit drawdown fee, annual charge, interest, total cost

Credit drawdown is subject to a fee of 3% of the amount drawn down but a minimum of 3 euros and a maximum of 170 euros. The Flexible Consumer Credit annual charge amounts to 50 euros and the monthly billing charge* 4 euros (eBill) if the credit facility is in use. The interest rate is a 3-month Euribor + 6,5 percentage points (6,19 % April/19).

The effective interest rate for a 3,000-euro credit facility is 17,6% (October/2018). The estimated total amount payable is €3,516.00. This calculation is based on the assumption that the credit period is 12 months and the credit will be repaid monthly in 12 equal instalments. The credit is extended by OP Card Company Plc.

*Paper bills and direct payments cost 5 euros a month.

You are annually entitled to a one-month grace period for your credit when you do not need to repay your credit and related interest. The grace period is the same month every year. The change takes effect in the next month's billing. The already-created bill may not be changed.

Extra repayment

You can amortise your loan in addition to your normal monthly instalment. This extra repayment does not defer the next instalment or payment date. The extra repayment is not subject to a charge.

To make an extra repayment, you need the number of your loan which you can find in Loans. After that, go to "New payment" under Payment and enter your loan's number in the "Payee's account or IBAN" field. Then proceed as instructed. The amount of your extra repayment is debited to your account on the same day. 

Read the terms and conditions of Flexible Consumer Credit.

OP bonuses

As an owner-customer, you will earn OP bonuses for example from

  • loans
  • savings and investments
  • funds in accounts
  • purchases you have paid with OP-Visa credit
  • insurance premiums for home, family and motor vehicle policies.

OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

Owner-customer benefits

  • As owner-customer, you enjoy a higher current account interest rate: 0.10% (normally 0.00%).
  • As our owner-customer, you can choose a long-term fixed interest rate for your new home loan throughout the loan's term, up to 25 years. This is how you can ensure that your interest charges for your home loan will remain unchanged throughout the loan term.
  • As owner-customer you can get a student loan with no service charge in case your loan application is filed at
The loan is granted by the OP Card Company Plc.