Animal insurance

Animal Insurance protects your pet or horse from unpleasant surprises. Your Animal Insurance cover can be expanded to also include medical treatment expenses insurance and animal liability insurance. Learn more about Pohjola Insurance Animal Insurance policies and request an offer online for the policy you need.

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What is covered by pet insurance?

The coverage of pet insurance depends on your selected scope of insurance. There are three different types cover you can take out for your pet:

  • Medical treatment expenses insurance covers, according to your selected scope, examinations and treatment, medication sold in pharmacies and for which a permit is required, and x-ray and laboratory tests for your pet. You can take out medical treatment expenses insurance for your pet also without Animal Insurance.
  • Animal liability insurance is an additional cover for Animal Insurance, and it covers any damage the animal causes to a third party up to EUR 85,000. Animal liability insurance covers damage that the animal’s owner, keeper or carer is legally liable for.
  • If you wish, you can simply take out Animal Insurance with no other types of cover. Animal Insurance provides cover if your pet or horse dies of illness or accident, disappears, is stolen, or a vet orders it to be put down for reasons of animal protection. The payable amount depends on the sum insured you have chosen.

You can insure a dog or a cat with pet insurance. Other pets can be covered with the home contents insurance included in Pohjola Home Insurance. Home Insurance covers the accidental death of a pet kept in the home for up to EUR 1,500.

How is the price of animal insurance determined and how much does it cost?

The premium for Animal Insurance is determined based on the animal’s details and the selected scope of insurance coverage. Factors affecting the price include the animal’s breed and the sum insured.

The premium for medical treatment expenses insurance also depends on the animal's age, the selected maximum compensation and deductible, and the policyholder's home municipality. Furthermore, when taking out Animal Insurance for a horse, the price is affected by the horse’s purpose of use and age, both at the time of buying the insurance and over the course of its validity.

Should I get Animal Insurance right after the birth of my animal?

Animal Insurance and animal medical treatment expenses insurance do not cover illnesses that have started before the policy’s period of validity. For this reason, we recommend that you protect your pet with Animal Insurance already after birth to ensure that your pet receives the best possible coverage for illnesses and accidents. Did you know that animal medical treatment expenses insurance can also cover veterinary expenses for mixed-breed dogs.

Pohjola Claim Help, online vet and our veterinary clinic partners provide assistance for your pet

Pohjola Claim Help is a search engine for any eventuality. If your beloved animal falls ill or is injured, use the service to find instructions, advice and contact details for our veterinary clinic partners or the online vet service.

Free online veterinarian at your service with unlimited consultations

In questions concerning your pet’s health, the FirstVet online vet service provides a video connection to a veterinarian from anywhere in the world. When your dog, cat or horse insurance includes medical treatment expenses insurance, you have access to unlimited FirstVet online consultations free-of-charge for each insured animal. The benefit is valid until further notice.

Direct claims service by our veterinary clinic partners

You can visit our veterinary clinic partners directly when your pet is in need of treatment due to illness or injury. At our partner clinics, your pet will receive professional care while our partner takes care of filing for compensation, relieving you of the need to file a loss report after returning home.

At the clinic, you pay only the deductible in accordance with your pet’s insurance policy, and the clinic will invoice Pohjola Insurance for the remainder of the fee.

Pet insurance is also valid during travel

Animal Insurance policies are valid in the Nordic countries and temporarily, continuously up to a year in other EU countries, the UK and Switzerland as well. You can choose to extend the territorial scope of the insurance by separate agreement and an additional premium.