Cottage loan

Apply for a cottage loan online and sign the agreements electronically.

Cottage loan for funding a holiday home

Spending time at the cottage is part of traditional Finnish holiday-making, and many people already start their cottage season early in the spring. Cottages can nevertheless be used throughout the year. At the cottage, there is time to calm down from busy city life, enjoy the Finnish summer and nature as well as go swimming and have a sauna. Many city-dwellers may also dream of moving to the countryside and living in peace amidst nature. In fact, owning a summer cottage is a dream for many Finns. It offers an easy way to enjoy nature and the peace of rural living to balance out hectic everyday life.

Apply for a cottage loan online – a cottage loan is applied for as a home loan

with the home loan calculator.

If you are just building or renovating a cottage, apply for a separate home construction loan for the work. You can apply for a home improvement loan for minor cottage improvements. If you are uncertain about the type of loan you should apply for, please contact us so we can discuss your situation together.

Still looking for a cottage?

OP Koti’s real estate agent helps you find a suitable summer cottage. Contact the real estate agent and agree a showing – on location or as a remote showing. Home sales can also be completed digitally. This means that the whole transaction can be carried out regardless of time and place.

See holiday homes on sale at OP Koti.

You will earn OP bonuses from a cottage loan

If you are an OP cooperative bank's owner-customer, loans generate OP bonuses for you. They will be used to cover, for example, your banking service charges and insurance bills. The bonuses can be used to offset service charges or insurance premiums, for instance. As an owner-customer, you will also receive all owner-customer benefits as well as a discount on banking and insurance services.