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Election of Representative Assemblies of OP cooperative banks

Every four years, an election of the Representative Assembly is held across OP cooperative banks, so that owner-customers get their voice heard at OP. You as owner-customer can stand as a candidate for the Representative Assembly.

The elected Representative Assembly members participate in the bank’s decision-making.

The Representative Assembly provides a unique vantage point to develop your bank, of OP Financial Group and of the transforming financial landscape. In the Representative Assembly, you can create networks and follow the development of your home region’s economy.

Learn more about the Representative Assembly and its election:

The highest decision-making power at OP cooperative banks is exercised by the Representative Assembly elected by owner-customers from among its members. It adopts, for example, the OP cooperative bank’s financial statements and makes the most significant decisions related to the bank.

The Representative Assembly of each OP cooperative bank holds its regular meeting once a year. In addition, its members can participate in various training courses. Members of the Representative Assembly can join a digital owner-customer community to express their opinion on the bank’s topical issues. The members can also have a say in OP’s product and service development.

Owner-customers in some OP cooperative banks are represented by the cooperative meeting and the majority by the Representative Assembly. Owner-customers exercise their decision-making powers on a one member, one-vote principle basis either by participating in cooperative meetings or elect their representatives to the Representative Assembly of the OP cooperative bank concerned. In OP cooperative banks, the Representative Assembly exercises the same decision-making powers and duties as the cooperative meeting.

The Representative Assembly is elected from among owner-customers. We want as many members as possible to be as candidates. All owner-customers elect the Representative Assembly. The election is based on a one-member and one-vote principle. The candidates who have got the most votes will be elected representatives. The Representative Assembly is elected for a term of four years.

The election is usually held in the autumn. First, owner-customers stand as candidates. Each candidate needs three other owner-customers as his/her supporter. The candidate acquisition takes four weeks.

Once candidacy registration has expired, the OP cooperative bank’s election committee confirms the candidates.  Then it is the time for the elections. The election period takes two weeks, usually in early November. The members elect will then be made public after that.

Every reputable owner-customer with all legal rights can stand as a candidate who has become an owner-customer by the time determined by the election rules governing OP cooperative banks and has come of age during the candidate acquisition, at the latest. No employee or members of the board of directors and supervisory board of an OP cooperative bank may not stand as a candidate for the election.

Owner-customers of the OP cooperative bank entitled to vote in the Representative Assembly election will be informed of their voting right either electronically on OP eServices or by letter before the election.

You can vote your candidate easily either on OP eServices, OP-mobile, by posting a ballot paper in return envelope in the return envelope or by returning the return envelope to an OP cooperative bank branch.