Election of Representative Assemblies of OP cooperative banks

Several OP cooperative banks have held the Representative Assembly election this year, and owner-customers have had the opportunity of having their say.

Owner-customers have participated in deciding what kind of Representative Assemblies the OP cooperative banks involved in the elections will have, and how owner-customers’ views will contribute to managing the banks’ affairs during the next four years.

Thanks for all owner-customers for their candidacy for the election and voting in the election. 

The election results of the Representative Assembly and information on those elected have now been published on the election pages of each OP cooperative bank. Congratulations to all new Representative Assembly members of each OP cooperative bank.

You can access the election pages of all OP cooperative banks participating in the Representative Assembly election on the list of banks holding such election.  

If you have any questions about the Representative Assembly election, ask your own OP cooperative bank’s election contact person for more information. You’ll find their contact information on the bank’s election pages.



Representative Assembly elections were held from 8.00 on 4 November to 16.00 on 17 November 2021. 

All owner-customers who had been owner-customers by 31 May 2021 at the latest, and were still owner-customers when voting began, had the right to vote in these elections.

However, if a voter was an owner-customer with several OP cooperative banks, they had the right to vote in all such banks which held an election this year.

Owner-customers who use OP’s online services were sent a message about their voting rights, which they could read on the op.fi online service or OP-mobile. Other owner-customers received a letter by post with information on their voting rights, instructions on voting, and supporting material.

Each owner-customer entitled to vote had one vote in the elections and could vote for only one candidate. 

Votes of minors could be cast jointly by their guardians. For this reason, minors could not use our online services to vote, even if they had a user ID for op.fi or OP-mobile.

In the case of a person under legal guardianship, the legal guardian could cast the vote on behalf of their ward. 

In the case of companies and institutions, the right to vote was exercised by a person authorised to represent them.


Representative Assemblies need the participation of owner-customers who take an interest in shared issues and have expertise of their own to contribute. “No specific banking expertise is required of Representative Assembly members. It’s the attitude that matters.

The period of standing as a candidate online, at your OP cooperative bank branch or by post ran from 16 August 8.00 until 10 September 16.00. Registrations sent by post must also have arrived by 10 September at 16.00. 

In addition, each owner-customer standing as a candidate must have the endorsement of one owner-customer of their own OP cooperative bank. It was possible to endorse a candidate from 16 August 8.00 until 10 September 16.00 at the latest.

Any reputable owner-customer eligible to vote who uses the services of an OP cooperative bank, is legally competent and has joined their bank as an owner-customer by 31 May 2021 and will turn 18 years of age during the candidacy acquisition period can have stood for election to a Representative Assembly. 

A company or institution can’t have stood as a candidate. If a company or institution holds owner-customer membership, it can act as a supporter and vote. In such a case, endorsement must be submitted using a form and the vote must be cast by post. 

Also, an organisation, party or other institution can’t have nominated a candidate for election to a Representative Assembly, as only individuals can stand and must do so personally. 

Note that the persons employed by an OP cooperative bank or an entity belonging to the same group or members of the board of directors and supervisory council of an OP cooperative bank can’t either have stood as electoral candidates. Also, the Managing Director of an OP cooperative bank or an entity belonging to the same group can’t have stood as a candidate during their incumbency and the five years following the termination of their employment. 

Furthermore, persons employed by OP central cooperative or an entity belonging to the same group are ineligible to stand as candidates. 

Processing your personal data carefully and cautiously is of primary importance to us.