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Pay and view your account information outside your bank’s services

Basic banking services – like viewing your account information and making payments – are no longer tied to one bank. New services let you view your account information elsewhere than on your bank’s apps.


Nowadays, you can pay and view your account information not only in your bank’s services but also in other services. This is because the EU’s PSD2 directive and Finland’s new Payment Services Act required banks to open their account and payment interfaces (APIs) to external service providers.

External service providers can use OP’s account and payment APIs if they have a licence issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority or the competent authority of another EU member state. It’s not possible for just anyone to provide account information and payment services.

What services can external service providers offer?

Other service providers can offer these services through OP’s account and payment APIs:

  • Account information service: you can view your account’s basic information.
  • Payment initiation service: you can make a payment from your account.
  • Balance enquiry service: the sufficiency of your account balance will be checked whenever you pay with a card issued by an external service provider.

You decide whether you use any new services

Without your permission, your account information won’t be forwarded to any external services and no payments will ever be debited from your account. If a service sends a request to you, you generally must go through strong identification with your OP’s user ID to confirm the request.

The new Payment Services Act requires strong identification even when you use your bank’s account information and payment services.

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Are you a corporate customer?

If you’re our corporate customer and want to use external service providers’ services for viewing account information and making payments, you need to request and make changes to your corporate account’s access rights.

Please contact our Customer Service for corporate customers to make the necessary changes.

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Go to Customer Service for corporate customers