Pivo is a versatile mobile payment app with which you can easily pay your friend, online and in store, without account numbers, bank user identifiers, card numbers or any other hassle. You only need to save your details once in Pivo.

In addition, there are hundreds of benefits, discounts and convenient partner services in Pivo. Pivo also enables you to monitor your spending.

Pay your friend, online and in stores

Send and request money using just a phone number – no need to remember account numbers. Customers of any bank can use Pivo to send and receive money.

  • Pay for purchases in thousands of online stores easily, quickly and securely. Add the things you want in your basket and select Pivo as the payment method. Confirm your payment using Pivo on your phone, without typing in key codes or credit card details. 
  • You can also apply for Pivo credit and pay for your online purchases later. Pivo credit is a €1,000 credit granted by Arvato Finance, P.O. Box 414, 00101 Helsinki.
  • Link your existing OP-Visa Debit card to Pivo and pay for purchases in-store. Pivo’s contactless payment does not have a low limit for single purchases, so you can make bigger purchases, too. Pivo’s contactless payment is available for Android phones.

Use benefits, get discounts and convenient services

  • As OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer, you will get Pivo’s CityShoppari2019 benefits for free, for the whole year (normally €9.90). 
  • Use our partner services to ease your everyday life: order Kotipizza products, buy local transport bus tickets in several cities or book a table on TableOnline. For students in Tampere, there is also a digital student card.

Check your balance and monitor your spending

  • Check the balances of your OP accounts and cards, easily and quickly.
  • Monitor your spending and see where your money goes with easily understandable categories.

Winner of several awards, Pivo is our customers' favourite and many of them use Pivo every day.


Download Pivo for free

Pivo is a free app and you can download it on your device from your app store.

This is how you start using Pivo:

  • Download Pivo on your smartphone from the app store. Pivo is available for iPhones and Android phones.
  • Activate Pivo with your phone number and select an access code. You can also activate fingerprint authentication or face recognition for logging in.
  • Authenticate yourself in Pivo using your online bank user identifiers.