The most popular mobile wallet in Finland, with which you make payments and monitor your finances.

Pivo is a versatile mobile wallet, with which you conveniently pay your friend, online and even at store checkouts. Pivo helps you keep up to date on your finances. You get many benefits and offers too!

Pivo upgrade

The Pivo user interface and look and feel will gradually be upgraded during the next few months. At the same time, we will introduce services into Pivo: the new Pivo will enable you to order and buy services without registering separately or downloading new apps. Kotipizza, PaylQ travel tickets and the TableOnline restaurant table, for example, can be found on Pivo, and much more. Read more about the upgrade on Pivo's website!

Check your balance and monitor your spending

You can check your balance on Pivo using a four-digit access code or your fingerprint and monitor your spending easily with the automated budget tool on Pivo. You can also view your credit card transactions and available credit. Winner of several awards, Pivo is our customers' favourite and many of them use Pivo every day.

With Pivo you can pay your friend, online, as well as at store checkouts

With Pivo you can pay your friend using his/her phone number, so you don’t need the account number. Split a bill with a friend, pay a second-hand purchase, arrange a group gift for someone's birthday or transfer money to your friend easily without a key code. Pivo is suitable for all banks' customers.

With Pivo you can pay in many webshops, too. Click your purchases to the shopping basket and select Pivo as the payment method. Confirm your payment using Pivo on your phone or another Siirto app without typing in key codes or credit card details. You can also apply for Pivo credit which enables you to compile your online purchases into one bill, divide the bill into instalments that suit you or pay for your purchases later. Pivo credit is a €1,000 credit. You can apply for it on Pivo. The credit is granted by Arvato Finance, P.O. Box 414, 00101 Helsinki.

As an OP customer using Pivo, you can also pay for your purchases quickly and securely in all stores with a contactless-enabled payment terminal simply by swiping your phone. Pivo does not have a low limit for single purchases!

Benefits from your favourite stores on Pivo

You can also buy the popular CityShoppari 2019 benefits directly from Pivo. As an OP Cooperative Bank owner-customer, you have free access to benefits for the whole year. Pivo CityShoppari features almost 1,000 valuable benefits and discounts on eating and shopping all around Finland.

On Pivo, all your OP loyalty benefits are always at your disposal. You can check the status of your loyalty benefits on Pivo, such as the value of your OP bonuses, and your banking and insurance discounts.

Download Pivo for free

Pivo is a free app and you can download it to your device from you app store. Pivo is available to iOS and Android devices.

On Pivo, it is easy to track my account balance and where I have spent money. I can also quickly see how long it is until payday. After adopting Pivo, I plan more my spending.

Esa, Helsinki