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Taxi entrepreneur’s insurance policies

We want to be your number one partner, whether you are an experienced professional or just starting your taxi business. Let our experts ensure that you have the best insurance solution.

It may be difficult for someone starting as a taxi driver to know which insurance is only recommended and which is obligatory. That’s why we recommend that you read this page containing information about basic insurance needed by taxi entrepreneurs.

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can find a solution that’s the best for you!

Insure the most important tool

Proper car insurance is important right from the start. 

You can take out motor liability insurance with bonus entitlement and voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. The comprehensive motor vehicle insurance can be tailored to your needs by means of various additional cover.

You can include business interruption insurance in case of machinery breakdown into both alternatives. It provides compensation for lost driving days if, for example, the engine or gearbox suddenly breaks down.

If you only drive a taxi occasionally, please note that insurance for a vehicle in private use is not sufficient for driving a taxi, which requires a licence. If you drive a taxi abroad, make sure you are covered abroad and order yourself a Green Card.

Ensure business continuity

Commercial Transport Extra is the easiest way to insure a taxi entrepreneur’s movable property and operations. The insurance covers, for example, expenses caused by

  • broken payment terminal
  • broken phone
  • car interior becoming dirty
  • damage to passengers’ luggage
  • customer falling over when being taken home, and the resulting liability for the injury

Commercial Transport Extra also includes crisis insurance, covering road accidents, assault or robbery. The insurance covers acute crisis therapy to make it easier to return to work and continue running your business.

Taxi entrepreneurs should also be aware of data security risks. If a computer system containing customer or employee data breaks down, your phone stops working or malicious software captures your files, your business can be seriously disrupted. Cyber-insurance offers you instant expert assistance to minimise losses.

Ensure capacity for work, and your business will thrive

As a taxi entrepreneur, you own work input will be crucial for your company’s success. Comprehensive personal insurance will enable you to get quick treatment and ensure a speedy recovery to get back to work following an accident, for example. By insuring yourself and your staff, you will also secure continuity of your business operations.

  • Self-employed persons’ accident insurance for work and leisure time provides comprehensive cover for treatment expenses caused by accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Voluntary medical treatment expenses insurance, that is, Health Insurance, is available to Finnish Taxi Owners Federation members without a health declaration. Health Insurance covers medical treatment and examination expenses caused by illnesses or accidents.
  • If you are injured or you fall ill, you will receive excellent treatment by Pohjola Health or one of our partner doctors.
  • Make sure that you also have Self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL).
  • If you hire employees, take out Workers' compensation insurance for them. Health Insurance can be used to supplement occupational health care’s medical care services. Statutory pension cover, or TyEL, is also easily available from us.

Taxi entrepreneurs still need a taxi permit

The Act on Transport Services reduced taxi business regulation. Traffic has become more digitalised, and competition has increase in some regions. Taxi and vehicle-for-hire services can nowadays be provided by those who fulfil all the licence conditions, meaning that care companies may offer taxi services alongside their other regular services.

However, taxi and vehicle-for-hire services continue to require a licence. In order to drive a taxi, you need a taxi driver licence taxi and, in order to be a taxi entrepreneur, you need a taxi licence.

Riskienhallinta pysyy taksiyrittäjyyden ytimessä

Monipuolinen riskienhallinta on keskeinen osa taksiyrittäjyyttä. Tämä korostuu etenkin uuden taksiyrityksen alkuvaiheessa.

Verkkokaupan lisääntyessä tavarataksien määrän odotetaan kasvavan, mikä lisää tavarankuljetukseen liittyviä riskejä. Myös kaatumiset, kolhaisut ja lipsahdukset on hyvä huomioida riskejä kartoitettaessa. Hyvä varautuminen vähentää riskejä ja vaikutusta yrityksen toimintaan vahingon sattuessa.   

Pohjola Vakuutus tarjoaa taksiyrittäjälle monia vakuuttamisen vaihtoehtoja. Uusille taksiyrityksille tarjottavat vakuutukset ovat kattavia ja ne saa käyttöön nopeasti. Autamme valitsemaan kunkin taksiyrittäjän tilanteeseen parhaiten sopivan vakuutusratkaisun ja tarjoamme kattavia palveluja erilaisissa tilanteissa oleville taksiyrittäjille. Kysy meiltä lisää.

Yrityksen ajoneuvovakuutus autoille ja ajoneuvoille.
Motor vehicle insurance for businesses
Insurance for all your company cars and other vehicles
Mies ajaa taksia asiakas kyydissään tyytyväisenä siitä, että hänellä on taksivakuutus turvanaan.
Taxi insurance
Insurance for your taxi with the coverage you need.