Debit card for a child or young person

A personal debit card is useful for kids who have their own hobbies and comings and goings.

Personal card for spending

Taking out a personal debit card for your child makes the whole family’s day-to-day life simpler. Earnings from summer jobs and weekly allowances can be deposited in the child’s personal account, and the card can be used to pay for snacks and hobbies.

The card’s account can be linked to the guardians’ OP-mobile or online bank, making it easy to transfer money to the child’s account, for example. Parents can also monitor and guide their child’s spending.

One card and daily banking services are free of charge for customers aged under 26.

The cards available for minors are OP-Visa Basic and OP-Visa Debit. It's no longer possible to order new Visa Electron cards.

OP-Visa Basic – The first card for a child or young person

OP-Visa Basic can be used to pay for purchases in Finland, abroad and online. It is perfect as a first card for a child. Payments are debited immediately from the account, and the card has no credit option.

OP-Visa Basic is available for ages 7 and up. 

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OP-Visa Debit – for young persons nearing adulthood

Young persons over the age of 15 can also apply for an OP-Visa Debit card. When paying by Visa Debit, payments are also debited immediately from the account, and the card has no credit option. Visa Debit can also be used to pay in locations without Internet access, such as on airplanes.

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Apply for a debit card for a child

The application process of a card for a minor can start through customer service but completing the process always requires a visit to a bank branch.

If guardians cannot visit the branch at the same time, one of the guardians can create a power of attorney in advance to authorise the other guardian to apply for the card. OP’s customer can create a power of attorney on the service. If the other guardian has no OP user ID, please contact OP’s Customer Service.

The minor must be present in person at the branch when applying for the card so that matters related to the use of the card can be talked through with the minor. The minor must also bring a personal ID document, such as a passport or a moped driving licence, for verification of identity.

Book an appointment at a bank branch

Sign a power of attorney on the banking affairs of an underage child

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