OP-Visa Basic

Debit card for a child or young person. OP-Visa Basic can be used for secure purchases in Finland, abroad and online.


  • Account always up to date

    All payments are debited instantly from the account. The card has no credit facility.

  • Secure debit card for children and young persons

    OP-Visa Basic is available for ages 7 and up. With this card, young people and children can securely start practising spending and learning card use.


  • Debit feature: purchases are always debited immediately from the account.
  • With the contactless payment feature, you can pay purchases of up to 50 euros quickly without entering your PIN number.
  • The account balance is always verified when a purchase or withdrawal is made with this card. Checking the card’s balance requires an Internet connection from the payment terminal to the bank. Because of this, the card is not always accepted on board train, ship or aircraft.
  • You can also add the K-Plussa feature for the card.

Security and safety

  • You can set separate limits for cash withdrawals, purchases requiring preauthorisation and online payments made with the card.
  • The card’s account can be linked to the guardian’s OP-mobile, enabling monitoring and easy money transfers to the young cardholder’s account.
  • Visa Secure protects the online payments. Card payments made online are approved by verifying yourself using Mobile key or your online bank user identifiers.


2.75 euros per month. Customers under 26 years of age are entitled to one card free of charge. For owner-customers, the bank’s service charges are primarily debited from OP bonuses.

An application for a card for a minor must always be filed with a bank branch.

If both parents/guardians cannot be present at the same time, either of them can login to OP eServices to make a power of attorney in advance.In the power of attorney, (s)he authorises the other guardian/parent to apply for the card.

The child must personally be present when applying for the card, so that matters related to the use of the card can be talked through with him/her. The child must also bring a personal ID document, such as a passport or a moped driving licence, for verification of identity.

Book an appointment at a bank branch

Read more about accepted personal ID documents

  • International bank card without a credit facility.
  • Consent from the parents/guardians is required for a card granted to a minor.
  • The card is linked to the cardholder's own bank account.
  • Its contactless payment facility enables you to pay for small purchases of a maximum of 50 euros quickly without keying in your PIN.
  • K-Plussa feature is available for the card.
  • You can withdraw cash at checkouts in K-food stores and Tokmanni stores.
  • Please note that the OP-Visa Basic card is not always accepted on board train, ship or aircraft.
  • You can conveniently track your card transactions on OP-mobile, Pivo and OP eServices.
    • Using the OP Junior app with OP-Visa Basic is unfortunately not possible.
  • After you have opened Money Box and enabled Auto Save through card, your savings will add up every time you pay with your card.
  • Monthly charge is €2.75.
  • The charge of an individual OP member cooperative bank may differ from this recommended charge.
  • One card is free of charge for those under 26 years.
  • For owner-customers, the bank’s service fees are primarily charged from OP bonuses.

Take a closer look at our list of service charges and fees 


Customers under 26 years of age receive our daily banking services free of charge. These services include a Current Account, OP-Visa card, OP eServices and online bank statement.
  • It is advisable to set spending and withdrawal limits for OP-Visa Basic in the case of the loss of the card or fraud.
  • You can set such daily limits for withdrawals, card purchases requiring pre-authorisation hold and online payments and other distance purchases.
  • You can set and change your spending and withdrawal limits easily by logging into OP eServices or OP-mobile. You can also call OP telephone service, tel. 0100 0500 or visit an OP cooperative bank branch to change the limits.

Please note that the account may have a spending/withdrawal limit that restricts card payments, in addition to spending/withdrawal limit linked to the card.

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Pay securely online Visa Secure (formerly Verified by Visa)

Visa Secure (previously Verified by Visa) is a service that enhances online payment security. Both the merchant and buyer are reliably authenticated on the service. To see whether a webshop uses this service, look for the Visa Secure logo.

How to pay online purchases using your card


  • When paying for your purchase with your card, you can withdraw a maximum of 200 euros with the card.
  • Cash withdrawals with OP-Visa Basic are not subject to a charge.
  • Cash withdrawal is subject pre-authorisation hold, i.e. the same principle applies to such cash withdrawals as that to ATM cash withdrawals. You can see both the purchase and the cash withdrawal itemised on you bank statement.

With Pivo, you can easily pay your friend, online and at store checkouts. You will also see where your money goes. Winner of several awards, Pivo is our customers’ favourite.

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The card is granted by OP Card Company Plc.