Where can I withdraw cash? Where can I make deposits?

You can conveniently make withdrawals at ATMs or checkouts and make deposits at ATMs.

Cards and smartphone payment apps are a convenient and secure way to pay in every situation. If necessary, you can withdraw cash conveniently at ATMs or, say, at a store when doing your grocery shopping. At deposit ATMs you can also deposit cash.

Consider if and when you need cash. You can pay with a card or payment app almost everywhere in Finland. You can always suggest that the payment recipient download the Pivo app, for example. When you pay through the app, you only have to know the recipient’s telephone number. The funds will be available on the recipient’s account immediately. It will then be easy to come back to the payment details later, in case you should forget the payee or the payment sum, for example. If you are going abroad, you can withdraw travel currency at a lower cost at your destination.

You can make withdrawals at ATMs or checkouts

In addition to Otto ATMs, you can make withdrawals with OP’s card at the checkouts of

  • K-grocery stores
  • Tokmanni stores
  • R-kiosks
  • Neste service stations and at other cash withdrawal ATMs.

You can check the locations of Otto ATMs at otto.fi or from OP-mobile. If you intend to make a relatively large withdrawal, be prepared to provide a clarification of the intended use of private customer funds for the relevant authorities.

TalletusOtto and OttoPlus ATMs are the quickest and easiest way to deposit cash

You can use deposit ATMs if you have a debit card. Insert your card into the ATM and feed coins and bills into the machine. The money is deposited to the account linked to your card.

If you intend to make a relatively large cash deposit, you need to make the deposit at a bank branch. Be prepared to prove your identity and to provide a clarification of the source of private customer funds for the relevant authorities.