Op.fi service - versatile banking and insurance service

At op.fi, you can read everything about the services we offer and manage your banking and insurance transactions online. You can use op.fi with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our offering at op.fi

On the op.fi website, you can

  • learn about the services and products we offer
  • read our current news
  • get instructions and support on using our services
  • log in in English and manage your banking and insurance transactions.

To login and do your banking and insurance transactions

  • You need OP's User ID and an internet connection
  • You must enable cookies and JavaScript on your browser. You can use any of the most common web browsers.
  • You also need a mobile phone with the capability to receive SMSes

If you don’t have a user ID yet, you can get one by booking an appointment at a bank branch. 

During the login procedure, you identify yourself either with Mobile key or a key code list. Mobile key is the primary identification method on our services, and we recommend that you start using it. It is the default option for logging in and confirming transactions on our services. If you prefer using the key code list, select it as your identification method.

Want to learn more about supported browsers and other requirements for using the op.fi service?