5 most frequently asked questions about insurance

During your time as our customer, you may come across questions and issues that need clarifying. This page contains answers to the five most frequently asked questions we receive.

If you want to manage the insurance services of a spouse or adult child

JIn order to manage the insurance policies and claims of your spouse or adult child, you must have a power of attorney granted by the person in question. A power of attorney authorises the holder to handle insurance and claims for the principal, with the exception of the right to name beneficiaries, fill out a health declaration or authorise a third person.

With a power of attorney, you can manage insurance services over the phone, in our digital services and at a bank branch and see the person’s policies in your own digital services. Keep in mind that managing another person’s insurance services always requires that you identify yourself, including over the phone or at a bank branch.

Powers of attorney can be granted at op.fi:

1. Log in using the user identifiers of any bank.
2. In the Insurance section, select “Powers of Attorney”.

If you do not have access to our digital services, you can grant an individual power of attorney for the management of insurance and claims also as a printed version. You can deliver the filled and signed printed power of attorney to our nearest branch or by mail to the address below. You can find the template for the power of attorney here.

Pohjola Insurance Ltd
Code 5010454

If you want to manage the insurance services of the death estate of a next of kin

When a policyholder has deceased or insurance has been taken out in the name of the estate, you are entitled to information about the insurance policies by providing an extract from the population register or estate inventory indicating that you are a distributee of the death estate.

However, in order to manage or change estate’s insurance affairs, you need both the extract from the population register or estate inventory as well as a power of attorney signed by all distributees of the estate to authorise the distributee(s) to manage the estate’s insurance policies. If the decedent has made a will, send a copy of it to the insurance company. You will need authorisation for this by the beneficiary of the will. You can submit the necessary documents to a bank branch or by messaging us on OP's digital services. When delivering to a bank branch, you must also present proof of identity.

You can print out the template for a death estate’s power of attorney here.

If an estate administrator or executor has been appointed for the death estate, only they can make changes to the death estate’s insurance cover. In such a case, a court order must be provided.

My archive is your inbox for electronic insurance and banking documents. You can find it at op.fi and in OP-mobile. In My archive, you can receive policy documents, bills and other mail. Documents are stored automatically for three years. You can also print documents in My archive.

How to find My archive at op.fi:

1. Log in to the service using the user identifiers of any bank.
2. In the top menu under your name, select “My archive”.

How to find My archive in OP-mobile:

1. Log in to OP-mobile using the user identifiers of any bank.
2. From the bottom menu, go to Other.
3. Select “My profile”.
4. From the bottom of the page, select “My archive”.

What types of insurance documents are there?

The policy document contains the terms and conditions of your insurance and what the insurance covers. If you need more information about your current insurance, the policy document is the right place to look. You will receive a new policy document once a year by post or electronically.

You can also read more about insurance bills and order an e-invoice here. If you need a certificate of insurance, you can find the instructions for ordering one here.

You can find your home, health, and property insurance bills listed on the Insurance bills page when you log in to the op.fi service. In OP-mobile, you can find the bills in the Pohjola Insurance section under "View bills".

The page shows unpaid and paid bills for the last three years. If you are unable to pay your insurance bill on the due date, you can ask for an extension easily on the same page.

You can see the insurance bills if you are the payer of the bill. If you are managing the insurance under power of attorney, you cannot view the bills.

The insurance bill shows the invoice number, customer code, insurance and billing period and whether OP bonuses have been used to pay the bill, among other information. 

In the event of loss or injury, you can find instructions in the Pohjola Claim Help service. Briefly describe what happened and Pohjola Claim Help will search for the relevant instructions and the contact information of partner doctors, repair shops and service centres to assist you. When you visit our partner, you do not need to file the loss report yourself as our partner will handle it for you.

Filing a new loss report

If Claim Help instructs you to file the loss report yourself, you can do so at op.fi or in OP-mobile.

Filing a loss report at op.fi:

1. Log in to the op.fi service using the user identifiers of any bank.
2. Go to the Claims section.
3. Select “Report a loss”.
4. Select the person whom the loss concerns and the insurance from which you are claiming compensation.

Filing a loss report on OP-mobile:

1. Log in to OP-mobile.
2. Go to the Pohjola Insurance section.
3. Select “Report a loss”.
4. Select the person whom the loss concerns and the insurance from which you are claiming compensation.

You don’t need to attach any receipt or supporting documents to the loss report unless you are specifically asked to do so. If you are required to send receipts in order for the loss report to be processed, you can add them afterwards by providing supplementary information about the loss.

You can manage your insurance services in our digital services whether or not you are OP's customer. You can log in to the digital insurance service with the user identifiers of any bank. If you are not using OP's user ID, simply select “Other means of user authentication” when logging in.

You can also use OP-mobile with another bank’s user identifiers. Download OP-mobile for free from your device’s app store.