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Best Execution at OP Financial Group

OP Financial Group provides its clients and those interested with information on the execution of orders. You can find the following information on this page:

• How and with whom we trade when executing client orders for different types of financial instruments.
• Our Best Execution Policy.
• Lists of the execution venues where our orders are typically executed.
We apply the operating principles of the company to our client order with which the client has a client relationship related to investment service. OP Customer Services Ltd accepts OP cooperative banks’ client orders for bonds from the OP cooperative banks and seeks the best result for the client by asking for a price from an OP Financial Group service provider and/or a service provider outside of OP Financial Group.

Best Execution Policy

The Best Execution Policy that we follow in executing client orders. With the Policy, we ensure that we will take all measures required to guarantee the best possible result for our clients.
OP Financial Group has several different actors which execute client orders. This means that there are many principles in place too. In the table below, you can choose which OP Financial Group’s entity’s operating principle interests you in particular. A list of execution venues and counterparties relevant to the context can be found by each operating principle that can be used in the execution of client orders. If such appendix does not exist, the required information can be found directly in the operating principles.




Best Execution reporting

OP Financial Group regularly publishes Best Execution reports for its clients and all those interested. The report has two parts:

1. Information on execution quality when OP is an execution venue (Best Execution RTS 27 report)

This report describes the quality of execution when OP acts as an execution venue. It describes the number of orders, speed and reliability of execution as well as costs associated with trading incurred by clients. The report will be published on a quarterly basis regarding the previous quarter. Best Execution report (MiFID II RTS27) for OP Group acting as an execution venue is produced by OP Corporate Bank. The report (in .CSV format) is published on the website of OP Group’s service provider.


2. The Top 5 execution venues, and brokers (Best Execution RTS 28 report)

This report provides information on how and where client orders are executed. The report has two parts. The Top 5 Execution Venues section describes by instrument class to which execution venues orders have been transmitted and describes the quality of execution. The Top 5 Broker Venues section describes by instrument class to which brokers orders have been transmitted when OP has forwarded the client order to a third party for execution. In addition to the reports, we will publish a summary of our analyses and conclusions after monitoring the quality of executions in the execution venues in detail, where we have executed client orders in the previous year (descriptive part). The report will be published annually in April regarding the previous calendar year.

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