Investor profile

Find out what kind of an investor you are and which you should invest in.

Determine easily your investor profile online

It doesn't take a long time to fill in an investor profile, only 10 minutes. You'll find out how much return you want and at what risk level you are ready to invest.


Fix your investment portfolio

The investment profile gives a recommendation how you should divide your investments between asset classes. Compare the recommendations with your investment portfolio and make the necessary changes. 


Prepare for and investment advice meeting in advance

Create an investor profile before the meeting – you'll save time to search for the best investment product. 

Determine your investor profile today

Are you considering starting systematic investing? Are you interested in investment or are you already an experienced investor? Find out your investor profile and you will learn what kind of an investor you are. The investor profile helps you perceive your financial standing and your goals as a saver or investor. You will get a better picture about which investment products you should invest in. Taking an investor profile test is free of charge and includes no obligation to buy. 

Filling in the investor profile questionnaire is easy, taking only 10 minutes. We ask questions about your personal finances, investment goals and investment experience. If you like, you can also tell whether you want to consider issues related to environmental, social responsibility and good governance in the investment advice given to you. The outcome is the picture of you as investor. You'll find out how much return you want and at what risk level you are ready to invest. We will give you an assessment of whether you are a very conservative, conservative, moderate, aggressive and very aggressive investor. 


Fill in the investor profile questionnaire before the investment meeting

You should fill in the questionnaire before the investment meeting. This enables both of us to have more time at the meeting to find together the best investment products for you. Without the investor profile, we cannot give you investment advice or give you investment recommendations. You can always update your investor profile if, say, your financial situation or investments goals have changed.

You can fill in the investor profile questionnaire both as a personal customer and corporate customer. As corporate customer, you need to have sufficient access rights to create an investor profile.

After you have created an investor profile, you'll be given a recommendation of how your investments should be divided into different asset classes. Asset classes include:

  • Low-risk fixed income investments
  • Risky fixed income investments
  • Equity and other high-risk investments
  • Alternative investments

Alternative investments include all investments other than conventional equity and fixed income investments. Alternative investment products that are also called a third asset class come in a variety of options. These include, for example, real property, debt funds, investments related to infrastructure, unlisted equities, forest or agricultural land.


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Investment always involves a risk. The value of investments can rise and fall, an investor can lose part or all of the money they invest, or may never receive the expected return. OP funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd. Investment services are provided by OP cooperative bank.