Secure everyday banking

At OP, we work continuously to ensure that our services are as secure and easy to use as possible.

Daily use of our online services and cards is secure, so long as you remember a few basic issues. The most important rule is to keep your PIN and card details to yourself. Never hand over or reveal such information to anyone else. The bank and authorities would never approach you directly to ask you for your banking credentials.

Please make sure that the devices you use have strong data security. Use the necessary data protection software and keep it up to date. Do not use your identifiers on a device showing signs of a malware infection.

Read our tips below on the kinds of security features we include in our services, and how you can use them in your daily banking.

Security features of digital services 

OP’s digital services have been designed to support easy and secure use of services. 


Proving identity at the bank

We want to guarantee secure services for all our customers. For this reason, we will use a valid ID document to verify your identity every time you visit us.

How to use your OP user ID securely    

You can log into OP’s digital services securely with the user IDs issued to you. 

Secure payment with a card

Keep your card PIN safe, set spending and withdrawal limits for your card, and check your card transactions regularly.