Kuvassa on metsäkone, jonka aiheuttamat vahingot metsäkoneyrityksen vakuutukset kattaa.

Forestry machine and machinery contractors's insurance policies

The development of the forestry machine and machinery contracting business and an increase in machine prices create the need for more versatile insurance solutions. Our experts will help you to find the most suitable insurance solutions for your company.

Wood is sometimes procured in Finland from areas that are difficult to access, even from islands. Transporting forest machinery on platforms and in the forest should be insured with an appropriate policy.

Special Corporate Insurance – a solution for the needs of forest machinery entrepreneurs

Special Corporate Insurance is a suitable insurance package to forest machinery entrepreneurs, covering the typical movable property and operational risks of your company. Special Corporate Insurance and its additional covers have been specially designed for the needs of machinery entrepreneurs – all will be included in a single insurance policy, and paid with a single invoice.

Forest machinery entrepreneurs’ Special Corporate Insurance consists of

  • property cover for movable property, such as working machines' spare parts
  • consequential loss cover for your company's operations
  • general liability cover, which also includes someone else’s property you are handling or which is in your care
  • legal expenses cover
  • any necessary additional covers, such as road transport, cargo handling and freight forwarder's liability insurance.

When your net sales exceed one million, we do not recommend Special Corporate Insurance but instead a tailored insurance solution. Contact us and we will offer a suitable solution for your company's needs.

Insure your working machine comprehensively

Use of machines in the woods, peat bogs and road maintenance is continuously increasing, with more and more accessories. We recommend that you insure working machines with a working machine insurance, with the coverage and deductibles chosen to suit your company. Working machine insurance takes into account your machine use and transportation needs. Accessories separate from working machines can be insured with a tailorable Working machine extra.

Ensure entrepreneur's and employees' working capacity

Slippery and wet terrain, difficult positions when doing maintenance, cold and changing weather can make machine contractors' life difficult. Working machine drivers have an above-average number of accidents, and a surprisingly high percentage affect the eyes. Accidents occur especially during repair and maintenance work. Being in a hurry is one of the biggest contributors to accidents. You can prevent occupational accidents with proper working methods, use of safety equipment, and by being careful.

If accidents occur, the statutory workers' compensation insurance provides security to your employees, and our quick treatment chain makes it easier to return back to normal. As an entrepreneur you are not covered by statutory insurance obligation, but we recommend that you cover yourself with accident insurance. You can take out a voluntary medical treatment expenses insurance policy, Health Insurance, alongside statutory accident insurance. In case of illness or accident, it is important to get treatment quickly, as it will speed up your recovery and benefit both you as an entrepreneur and your employees.

Improve the management of cash funds with versatile financing solutions

Many forestry machines are expensive and we advise you to make use of our financing solutions, so that your company's cash funds can be used to run the core business. We can offer your company comprehensive solutions for the financing of machines. You can also make use of accounts receivable financing that can improve your company's liquidity by getting the funds you have invoiced for on your account more quickly.

Nainen istuu kahvilan terassilla huolettomasti Terveysturva turvanaan.
Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
Mies kypärä päässä nousemassa keltaiseen työkoneeseen, joka on vakuutettu työkonevakuutuksella.
Working machine insurance
Cover your company's working machines and their accessories.

If you engage in cross-border transports, it is important to ensure that your company insurance policies are also valid abroad. We offer comprehensive insurance services for sea, air and road transports and also accompanying personnel.

Remember to get a Green Card and keep it with you on any cross-border transports. The Green Card proves the validity of your motor liability insurance aboard.