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Business financing is offered to companies always on a case-by-case basis, and the corporate loan calculator usually cannot take all of the customer’s needs into account. For this reason, comparing different corporate loans may be difficult. Instead of the corporate loan calculator, we recommend filling out a preliminary financing application in which you describe your company’s financing needs in as much detail as possible. 

The corporate loan calculator usually only gives a rough estimate of the loan repayment instalments based on the selected interest rate and repayment factors. It does not, in other words, take into account seasonal fluctuations in the company’s business and their effects on cash flow and loan repayment ability. Instead of a standard promissory note, more suitable financing options for businesses include credit accounts, credit facilities and leasing.

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Businesses often need external financing for running their operations. They need financing for investments, growth, balancing seasonal fluctuation or purchasing machinery and equipment, for example. There are several financing options, and we will offer a solution that suits the needs of your business. Compare corporate loans and other financing solutions and apply for financing conveniently online. Our specialists will contact you within a few banking days after receiving your application.  

A corporate loan is well-suited to individual investments or other larger one-time purchases. Private traders, limited liability companies and other types of companies can apply for a corporate loan. Whether the loan is large or small, it will be tailored according to your company’s situation and financing needs. We will adjust the loan term and repayment instalments according to your company's repayment capacity.

Are you interested in a green loan? A green loan is a loan for SMEs and housing companies promoting investment that reduces the burden on the environment. With our green loan, you can finance various investments reducing environmental impact, such as construction and renovation projects improving energy efficiency, and charging stations for electric cars.

A comparison between loans and the final decision on the best option are made together with OP’s financial specialist, allowing us to ensure that your and your company’s needs are well covered. Fill in a financing application and discuss with our specialist, and we will help you find the most suitable corporate financing solution and loan option for your company. You can easily compare the financing options with the help of various corporate loan calculations and make the right choice.

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Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a separate corporate financing calculator. Instead, you can fill in and submit a corporate financing application, after which our specialist will review your situation in detail and help you compare between different corporate loan products. We will make an offer for the financing solution that is best suited for your business.

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Green loan

With our green loan you can finance your company’s sustainable investments.