Everything for your car under one roof

Get the best discounts and benefits by choosing us for your car’s financing and insurance. As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get discounts on banking and insurance services and earn OP bonuses. You also have access to OP-mobile, Pohjola Repair Advisor and our extensive network of partners.

Shop under one roof and save money

As an owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses by using our services and get discounts on insurance and many other benefits. By switching your insurance to us and becoming a Pohjola Insurance prime customer, you also get access to prime customer offers and discounts.  
By switching to us, you will receive the following discounts: 
  • As a prime customer, a discount of 7% on nearly all your insurance policies for home and family. If you are between 18 and 27 years of age, your discount for these insurance policies can be up to 21%. 
  • As an owner-customer, you get an additional 3% discount on insurance. 
  • OP bonuses you earn as an owner-customer are used to pay loan service fees and insurance bills, for example. In 2023, owner-customers will earn 30% more OP bonuses.
In addition to saving money, your life is enriched by the wide range of changing benefits by our partners and Pohjola Insurance’s extensive partner network. You also have an easier time keeping track of your loans and insurance policies in one place on OP-mobile and at op.fi. 

Flexible car finance according to your needs

OP offers three options for financing your car purchase: a bank loan with collateral, Special Consumer Credit without collateral, and hire purchase financing without collateral. They differ in terms of collateral, the interest rate and the maximum loan amount, for example. Please note that owner-customers only earn OP bonuses from a secured bank loan. Special Consumer Credit and hire purchase financing without collateral do not earn OP bonuses. 

Bank Loan

Most affordable interest rate

  • Owner-occupied apartment or other assets as collateral
  • For all banks' customers
  • Over 10,000 euros - No predetermined maximum amount
  • Typical interest rate 3 - 5 % + 12-month Euribor

Consumer Credit

Apply for loan conveniently online and make a purchase wherever you want

  • No need for collateral or guarantors
  • Only for OP customers
  • Max. 15,000 euros
  • Interest rate 7.95 % + 3-month Euribor

Hire Purchase

Buy a car with a fixed monthly interest rate and repayment

  • The car to be bought as collateral for financing
  • For all banks' customers
  • No predetermined maximum amount
  • Typical interest rate 4 - 7%

Personalised motor vehicle insurance

By insuring your car with motor liability insurance and voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, you get extensive coverage against accidents. The highest starting no-claims bonus on the market, 40%, and quick bonus development make our motor liability insurance an excellent choice. You can earn the maximum bonus of 80% in just five years. 

You can personalise an insurance cover that suits your needs by including options in your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance from our wide selection. The price of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance also depends on how much you drive – if you drive less, you also pay less. 

OP bonuses are a pleasant surprise – we are increasing the OP bonuses you will earn in 2023 by 30 per cent

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses for using our services. For example, if you have financed your car with a secured bank loan of €39,000 and pay €1,000 in annual insurance premiums to Pohjola Insurance, you will earn 100 euros worth of OP bonuses in a year. Please note that OP bonuses are not earned from Special Consumer Credit and hire purchase financing without collateral.

You can use OP bonuses to pay banking service charges and insurance premiums, for example. In practice, this can mean that your insurance premium is paid entirely from OP bonuses, and you can spend your money on other needs.

Extensive use of our services will be particularly rewarding in 2023, as it will also increase the bonuses you earn. As an owner-customer, you will get 30% more bonuses throughout next year. 

Our services make your daily life easier

As an OP and Pohjola Insurance customer, you get access to a wide range of services that make your life easier.


Depending on the financing product, financing is granted by OP Retail Customers plc, OP Corporate Bank plc or an OP cooperative bank. The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

A bank loan is one-off credit. If the 12-month Euribor is 3.701% (June 7, 2024) and the loan’s interest rate is a 3.9% margin plus the 12-month Euribor, the effective interest rate on a bank loan of 10,000 euros with a five-year repayment period will be 9.1%. A monthly servicing fee of 2.50 euros per month will be charged. An origination fee of 120 euros will be payable when the loan is drawn down. The estimated total amount payable will be 12,350.48 euros.

This calculation is based on the assumption that the entire loan has been drawn down, the loan interest rate, fees and charges are constant throughout the loan term, and the loan is repaid in equal instalments of 203,84 eur.s each month. The bank loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank.

Special Consumer Credit is a one-off loan: the effective interest rate for a 6,000-euro loan with a 5-year payback period would be 14.24 % if the credit interest rate were the 3-month Euribor + 7.95% (11.91 % in December 2023) and the loan servicing fee 6 euros per month.

The estimated total amount payable would be 8,176.89 euros. This calculation is based on the assumption that the loan is drawn down in a lump sum and the loan interest and charges and fees remain unchanged throughout the loan term. It also assumes that the loan is repaid in monthly instalments of 145 euros all the way to the final instalment.

The loan is granted by OP Retail Customers Plc

Hire purchase financing is a one-off credit. Effective interest rate on a credit of 20,000 euros with a 5-year credit period amounts to 7.6% when the interest rate on financing is 6% (7/23), the establishment fee is 190 euros and the invoicing fee is 9 euros per month. The estimated total cost of credit is 23,959.10 euros, paid in 60 instalments of 399.40 euros each. This calculation is based on the assumption that the entire credit is drawn down at the same time and that interest on the loan, and the charges and fees, remain unchanged throughout the loan term.

The credit is issued by OP Corporate Bank