Other watercraft

Boat insurance for water scooter, hydrocopter and other watercraft

Year-round insurance for your watercraft

Boat insurance gives coverage to your water scooter, hovercraft or other special craft both afloat and during transportation and storage.


Cover for boat under construction

Boat insurance also covers a boat still under construction against vandalism, fire, transport damage etc.


Storm damage without wind velocity limit

We compensate for storm damage to the insured boat regardless of wind velocity.

Suitable comprehensive insurance for your watercraft

Pohjola Insurance's Boat insurance covers not only boats but also other watercraft. You can take out insurance for a boat under construction, for a boat previously in professional use but since converted into pleasure boating, and for a wooden boat that is over 25 years old. You can also insure a special boat or other watercraft, such as a water scooter, hydrocopter, hovercraft and multihull boat. You cannot, however, insure a floating sauna, houseboat or a hydrofoil, for example.

Insuring a special boat requires that you are a private customer with insurance policies from three product groups. Corporate customers can insure their special boats provided they use Pohjola Insurance as their primary insurer.

You can select either Medium Motor Insurance or comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for your watercraft. Both provide coverage against theft, vandalism, fire damage, and laying-up and transport damage. General liability and legal expenses insurance policies are also included. Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance gives better coverage of the two, also compensating running aground, collision or damage caused by storm winds. So if you want to get the best coverage, you should choose comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

Insuring certain watercraft types requires that we get to inspect it first. Just call us and we will make sure your watercraft is properly insured.

Seasonal rating brings flexibility in boating

Pohjola Insurance's Boat insurance is valid throughout the year, which has been taken into account in the pricing. The insurance premiums of policies covering boat damage while the boat is afloat are higher during the months that have the highest risk of loss or damage. This means that the insurance premium is highest during the summer, and lower in autumn, winter and spring, so you can retain insurance validity also during the months when the watercraft is not used. Please note that the premiums of other covers are charged evenly throughout the year.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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