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Protect your boat and boating accessories with Pohjola Insurance’s boat insurance. Our boat insurance policies cover, among other things, damage caused to your boat by vandalism or fire or during transport as well as theft while your boat is laid up in the winter. Our most comprehensive boat insurance policies also cover damage caused by underwater rocks, grounding or collisions with other vessels.

Boat insurance provides cover for your boat in the water and on land. Learn more about our insurance policies and request an offer for a boat insurance policy suitable for you.


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The cost of boat insurance depends on the type of boat

The price of boat insurance depends on the value of the boat and its accessories, the type of boat, the boat’s manufacturer and engine output, and your choice of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy for the boat.

The cost of boat insurance depends on seasonal ratings

The cost of our comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for boats takes into account seasonal ratings. The premiums on Boat damage cover are based on the season, meaning that you can use your boat throughout the year, provided that the weather conditions are right.

Boat insurance is cheaper in the winter months when the risk of boat damage is at its lowest. The seasonally priced insurance cover for boats provides cover also during transport and winter storage.

Lower your premiums by accumulating no-claims bonuses

If you set the deductible on your boat insurance policy at EUR 150, EUR 200 or EUR 335, you become eligible for our no-claims bonus. We refund you 10 percentage points of your boat damage cover premium for each insurance period during which you have no claims, which means that you can accumulate a bonus of up to 60% by boating safely.

New policies have an initial bonus of 40%

You get a 40% initial bonus when purchasing boat damage cover as part of comprehensive motor vehicle insurance with no-claims bonus.

What does boat insurance cover?

You can choose between our comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and our medium motor insurance. Both policies protect your boat against theft, vandalism, fire and damage sustained during laying-up and transport. Both policies also include liability and legal expenses cover.

Our comprehensive motor vehicle insurance also covers damage caused by boating accidents. This includes, for example, damage caused by underwater rocks, grounding, collisions and damage resulting from gale-force wind, whirlwind or hail. Wind speed, in other words the threshold for a storm, does not affect the insurance cover of comprehensive boat insurance.

We recommend protecting your boat with our comprehensive motor vehicle insurance to get the best cover against damage caused by boating accidents.  

Our boat insurance policies also cover outboard engines and boating accessories

Our boat insurance naturally covers the hull of the boat as well as any engines and sails. Our policies also cover any accessories that are intended to be used exclusively on the boat as well as any on-board electronic systems and software.

In other words, you can claim on your boat insurance if an accessory that you store on your boat or that you have temporarily detached from your boat is stolen or damaged. Please remember to tell us whenever you purchase new accessories to ensure that the value of your boat and its accessories is up to date in your policy documents.

Our boat insurance policies protect your boat in the water and on land, around the year. Launching and laying-up are high-risk operations. The insurance also covers damage to towing equipment and damage to the boat during transport. This is why it is important that your policy also covers damage sustained on land.

Is your boat in rental or charter use?

If you are renting or chartering out a boat used for pleasure boating, you will need an extension for your boat insur-ance. By separate agreement and for an additional premium, we may extend your boat insurance to cover renting and chartering. Contact us for more information!

Is my boat insurance policy also valid abroad?

Our boat insurance policies are automatically valid

  • in the territorial waters and inland waterways of Finland, Sweden and Denmark and in the territorial waters of Norway along the coast
  • in the Baltic Sea and its bays, along the Saimaa and Kiel Canals as well as in the Kattegat and Skagerrak straits
  • during storage and transport within the territories of these countries.

The geographical scope of our policies can also be extended to cover other areas of Europe and beyond.

Is it mandatory to insure a boat?

Unlike motor liability insurance for vehicles, boat insurance is not mandatory. However, boats are often a valuable form of property, and should be covered with a sufficiently comprehensive insurance policy. For example, theft or the repair of damage caused by running aground may put a sizeable dent in your wallet.

In addition to securing your boat against damages, boat insurance also compensates any losses you cause to a third party. Our boat insurance policies always include general liability insurance, which covers property damage and personal injuries caused to a third party.

With voluntary boat insurance, you are free to enjoy boating, as your personal finances are secure and you can count on receiving professional assistance if something happens.

Do I need insurance for a rowing boat?

Rowing boats and outboard engines of up to five horsepower are considered movable property and therefore covered by, for example, Pohjola Insurance's MyHome insurance. Please remember to tell us about your boat if you take out our MyHome buildings and contents insurance.

Claiming on your boat insurance is easy thanks to Pohjola Claim Help

Pohjola Claim Help is like a search engine for insurance claims. If your boat is damaged, Pohjola Claim Help should be your first port of call.

Pohjola Claim Help contains instructions on how to claim on your policy and information about which component of your policy covers the damage in question. Pohjola Claim Help also contains contact details for our recommended inspection partners who will take care of any necessary repairs with utmost professionalism and help you to get your boat back in the water as soon as possible.

For a quick and hassle-free fix, just go to Pohjola Claim Help and tell us what has happened.

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