Omistaja-asiakkaan lisäedut

Additional benefits for owner-customers – relief for your daily finances

As an owner-customer, you'll get additional benefits in autumn 2023.

  • You'll get daily banking services free of monthly service charges for six months from 1 October.
  • The interest rate on your Current account will rise to 0.25 per cent from 1 November.
  • In addition, we will pay you 30 per cent more OP bonuses in 2023.

If you are not yet an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, now the time is right to become one!

You'll get daily banking services free of charge between 1 October 2023–31 March 2024

You’ll be able to use daily banking services for personal customers free of monthly service charges for six months (1 October 2023 to 31 March 2024). You’ll automatically get the benefit, if you are an owner-customer of an OP cooperative bank with which you use services covered by the benefit. The benefit includes:

  • Current account
  • OP’s user ID and digital services
  • One or several cards (OP Electron, OP Basic, OP Debit, OP Classic, OP Gold, OP Platinum and OP Duo)

The benefit concerns both individual products and daily services packages. Its value depends on the products and services you use. For example, the price of the daily services package for personal customers starts from €3.95 per month and for owner-customers aged under 30 from €0 per month. The Current account is already free of charge for owner-customers in the OP cooperative bank where they are owner-customers.

Please note that service charges are always debited afterwards. It means that service charges for previous months can be debited from you even after October.

The interest rate on your Current account will rise from 1 November 2023

We will raise the interest rate on the Current account for owner-customers to 0.25 per cent on 1 November 2023. The deposit interest rate currently stands at 0.00 per cent.

An OP cooperative bank owner-customer with a Current account with standard terms and conditions and owner-customer membership in the same OP cooperative bank will be paid interest.

If the account has several holders, all account holders must be the same OP cooperative bank's owner-customers.

The interest rate raise applies to personal customers.

You will earn 30% more OP bonuses in 2023

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you will get 30% more bonuses in 2023. These extra bonuses will reduce your expenses on banking and insurance services and lighten the load on your daily finances, especially when you make wide use of our services. 

OP bonuses are earned, for example, from mutual funds, funds in savings accounts and secured loans. Earned OP bonuses are used for insurance premiums and loan service and origination fees, among other things.

For example, service use worth 100,000 euros may this year bring you up to 325 euros in OP bonuses..

FAQ about additional benefits of daily banking services

The benefit is effective during October–March. If you become an owner during that period, you'll get the benefit from the month when you have become an owner-customer. Because of the timing of billing, you should be an owner-customer before the 25th of the month. If you become an owner-customer after that, you'll get the benefit starting from the next month.

We will debit owner-customer service charges primarily from OP bonuses. Service charges will be debited one month afterwards, meaning that you can see debited service charges in your September OP bonus account in October. Considering that the benefit in service charges is valid from October 2023 to March 2024, debits from the OP bonus account will not be performed between November 2023 and April 2024. OP bonus account can be found on OP mobile by clicking More -> Owner-customer -> OP bonus account or on the service under Päivittäiset raha-asiat (Daily banking).

Yes, you will get the benefit for new cards (OP Electron, OP Basic, OP Debit, OP Classic, OP Gold, OP Platinum, OP Duo) that you have got during October–March.

Owner-customer benefits apply to personal customers. This means that the benefit is valid in your personal use of services (the services are linked to your personal ID). You your company uses services with its business ID, the benefit is not valid for these services.

Current accounts are free of charge for owner-customers at their own OP cooperative bank. If the account has several holders, it will only be free of charge if all account holders are owner-customers of the OP cooperative bank holding the account.

According to the special price offer for OP Gold card holders as owner-customers, a Gold card got no later than 31 December 2023 has no monthly charge for the first six (6) months. 

The additional benefit of daily services and the OP Gold special offer cannot be chained. For example, if the free-of-charge six-month period of your new OP Gold takes place between 1 October 2023 and 31 March 2024, the card's special offer will be replaced by the additional benefit of daily services. If you get a new OP Gold card between 1 November and 31 December 2023, Gold will continue to be free of charge after 31 March 2024 until six months have passed when getting your new Gold card.