More benefits and less hassle with your finances

An owner-customer membership with the OP cooperative bank will bring stability to your daily finances. You will have access to various permanent benefits and discounts, thanks to which you will have to pay less for banking and insurance services. In addition, you will receive these fixed-term benefits to support your finances:

  1. OP bonuses 40% more than normal in 2024
  2. Daily banking services free of monthly charges until the end of 2024

You will automatically get the benefits at the OP cooperative bank where the products and services are included in your owner-customer membership and the benefit. You can easily check whether you are an owner-customer.

Extra OP bonuses

As an owner-customer, you will get OP bonuses 40% more than normal in 2024.

For example, if the total amount of service use is 100,000 euros, you earn 350 euros in OP bonuses in 2024. According to the normal accrual, the same transaction volume would bring bonuses worth 250 euros.

OP bonuses are earned, for example, from mutual funds, funds in savings accounts and secured loans. Earned OP bonuses are used for insurance premiums and loan service and origination fees, among other things.

You can see your current bonus accrual on OP-mobile: follow the path More > Owner-customer > OP bonus.

OP cooperative bank owner-customers can breathe easily: the potential update to the taxation practices for financial sector bonuses will not diminish the financial benefits enjoyed by owner-customers.

Daily banking services free of monthly charges

You’ll be able to use daily banking services for personal customers free of monthly charges until 31 December 2024. You’ll automatically get the benefit, if you are an owner-customer of an OP cooperative bank with which you use services covered by the benefit.

The benefit includes:

  1. Current account
  2. OP’s user ID and digital services
  3. One or several cards

The benefit concerns both individual products and daily services packages. Its value depends on the products and services you use. For example, the price of the daily services package for personal customers starts from €3.95 per month and for owner-customers aged under 30 from €0 per month. The Current account is already free of charge for owner-customers in the OP cooperative bank where they are owner-customers.

As an owner-customer, you can enjoy various benefits and discounts

As an owner-customer, you always get the most out of your banking and insurance services and the OP bonuses you earn. For example, you get interest on your Current account, you can invest at a lower price than others, and you can receive a sizeable discount on insurance policies. Our partner benefits will also bring joy to your everyday life. You can find them on OP-mobile.

More information about fixed-term benefits for daily banking services

The benefit is effective during October 2023 – December 2024. If you become an owner during that period, you'll get the benefit from the month when you have become an owner-customer. Because of the timing of billing, you should be an owner-customer before the 25th of the month. If you become an owner-customer after that, you'll get the benefit starting from the next month.

We will debit owner-customer service charges primarily from OP bonuses. Service charges will be debited one month afterwards, meaning that you can see debited service charges in your September OP bonus account in October. Considering that the benefit in service charges is valid from October 2023 to December 2024, debits from the OP bonus account will not be performed between November 2023 and January 2025. OP bonus account can be found on OP mobile by clicking More -> Owner-customer -> OP bonus account or on the service under Päivittäiset raha-asiat (Daily banking).

Yes, you will get the benefit for new cards that you have got during the validity of the benefit.

Owner-customer benefits apply to personal customers. This means that the benefit is valid in your personal use of services (the services are linked to your personal ID). You your company uses services with its business ID, the benefit is not valid for these services.

Current accounts are free of charge for owner-customers at their own OP cooperative bank. If the account has several holders, it will only be free of charge if all account holders are owner-customers of the OP cooperative bank holding the account.

The OP Gold card's special price for owner-customers will be replaced with the owner-customer's additional daily services benefit. As an additional benefit for owner-customers, you will get daily banking services free of monthly charges for 1 October 2023–31 December 2024.

After 31 December 2024, the Gold card will be subject to a monthly charge based on the list of charges and fees.