Säästäminen ja sijoittaminen

Owner-customer benefits from saving and investment

Saving and investing is a good idea – especially if you are an OP cooperative bank owner-customer. You will always invest at a lower cost than other investors and will also enjoy a great deal of other excellent benefits.

Your benefits in equity and ETF investing

  1. Equity savings account 0 €

    As an owner-customer, you can open an equity savings account free of charge and, with the saver’s service package, invest in listed stocks of Finnish companies without paying monthly fees.

    You can open an equity savings account in the Investments section on OP-mobile.
  2. Book-entry account for 0 €

    As an owner-customer, you can invest in Finnish and foreign equities, and in ETFs, without paying monthly fees. You can also transfer your book-entry account to OP free of charge.

    To begin investing in equities, you will need a book-entry account, which you can open on the op.fi service.
  1. Discount on trading fees

    As an owner-customer, you pay less to invest in equities and ETFs.

    In addition, your maximum fee for trading in Finnish equities is 1 %. The benefit is valid in our digital services and applies to transactions performed via the book-entry account. 
  1. Equity analyses with no extra charge

    To support your stock picking, make use of extensive equity analyses of Finnish and foreign listed companies.

Your benefits when investing in funds or through insurance

  1. Buy and sell units in almost all funds for €0*
  2. You can transfer assets to OP Unit-linked Insurance and OP Savings Agreement free of charge
  3. Switching between investments on the op.fi service free of charge
  4. OP bonuses from mutual fund and insurance assets – up to 40 per cent more than usually in 2024**

Only owner-customers can invest in Profit Shares

By investing in Profit Shares, you benefit from your OP cooperative bank’s success. As an owner-customer, you can invest in Profit Shares whose return target for 2023 is 4.5%. The return target is confirmed annually. We will seek to pay you the highest possible interest rate.

All owner-customer benefits will be available to you from the moment you join. You can easily check whether you are already an owner-customer.

Investment services are provided by OP cooperative banks. OP mutual funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd. OP Unit-linked insurance is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd, with OP cooperative bank acting as its agent.

*Standard fees are charged for the following special common funds: OP-Public Services Real Estate, OP-Forest Owner, OP-Rental Yield, OP-Alternative Portfolio and OP-Private Equity.

**OP bonuses are automatically used to pay the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums. The R2 Crystal special common fund or institutional classes of funds do not contribute towards OP bonuses. The following investment products linked to insurance assets do not accrue OP bonuses: JPM Russia A, JPM Emerging Europe Equity Fund, and BlackRock GF Emerging Europe Fund A. OP bonuses are accrued from unit-linked insurance policies, excluding Individual Unit-linked Insurance and Individual Capital Redemption Contracts.