Book-entry account and investment service package

Less costly and smarter stock investment

Open a book-entry account easily online

You will get access to a book-entry account and security custody by opening an investment service package. As our customer, you can open an investment service package easily online. 


Inexpensive och divers

We offer diverse and extensive services for stock investors, always at a fair price. Both service packages also include extensive, high-quality Finnish equity research services.


Easy-to-use OP-mobile and op.fi

Once you have opened the book-entry account and the investment service package, you can trade in stocks and easily track the performance of your investments on OP-mobile and at op.fi (in Finnish for private customers). 


Take advantage of owner-customer benefits

As our owner-customer, you can pay for your investment service package with OP bonuses. 

What is a book-entry account?

A book-entry account is an account for managing and storing electronic securities, such as shares and bonds. When investors buy book-entry securities, they do not receive any physical share certificate, promissory note or other security paper, but ownership is recorded directly in the book-entry account. In other words, the book-entry account is an electronic custody account for securities.

Information recorded in the book-entry account includes the owner of the book-entry securities in the account, the number of book-entry securities and their type. Account details also specify the rights and limitations of the owner of book-entry securities. 

Book-entry account is essential for many investors

A book-entry account is like a bank account and subject to register confidentiality. However, only securities can be kept in a book-entry account. That means you cannot deposit money into a book-entry account and so cannot withdraw money from it or use it to pay bills. 
In addition to a book-entry account, you will also need a separate common bank account into which possible dividends can be paid. It will also be used for other money transfers related to stock transactions and possible service fees.

At the end of each year investors will receive an account statement of their shareholdings and returns, such as dividends. This information is needed for taxation purposes. Tax authorities will automatically receive information on investments, but it is advisable to also check this information yourself. 

It is not necessary to automatically keep all securities in the book-entry account. However, the custody of and trading in stocks of listed companies always take place specifically in the book-entry account. Some unlisted companies also have transformed their shares into book-entry securities, in which case they must be kept in the book-entry account. 

How to open a book-entry account

If you already use OP eServices, you can open a book-entry account and securities custody easily by yourself on OP eServices by selecting one of the investment service packages: the Saver’s package or the Investor’s package. 

Our services for stock investors consist of two packages depending on trading activity. Both of them automatically include securities custody and a book-entry account. Both service packages also include extensive, high-quality Finnish equity research services.

Select the Saver’s service package if you trade less actively and if comprehensive, high-quality basic services are sufficient for you. If you trade on a weekly basis or so or wish to track the stock market in real time, we recommend the extensive Investor’s service package. If you wish, you can supplement this package with more extensive real-time market information than included in the standard package at an additional fee.

If you do not yet have an OP eServices agreement, please contact your nearest OP cooperative bank, our telephone service or leave us a contact request, so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. 

If your securities custody is transferred to OP from another custodian, please be prepared for a break of five weekdays in your stock trading. Transfer custody to OP.

Investment service packages can be paid with OP bonuses 

Investment service packages are automatically paid for with accrued OP bonuses, if you have earned any. 

As our owner-customer, you earn bonuses from all transactions with us entitling to bonuses. Bonuses are accrued on, for example, home loans, secured bank loans, student loans, savings and investment accounts, mutual fund units and unit-linked insurance.

International equity investment
More options. You will have thousands of shares from 15 different market venues around the world.

OP’s service packages for savers and investors

The monthly fees for the service packages and the services they include are shown in the table below:

  Saver Investor  
Price for private customers 2,80 euros/month from 5,20 euros/month  
Tiered trading fee structure  
Custody and book-entry account*  
Investor's mobile services  
International trading  
Equity Research  
Smart Order Routing  
Technical analysis tool  
Market monitoring tool  
Real-time prices  (1 level)  
Real-time prices (5 levels + 35,00 euros/month  
Real-time news + 5,00 euros/month  










*In addition, an annual 0.10% fee for custody of non-Finnish securities will be charged.

Your earned OP bonuses will automatically be used for the fees for these service packages

Short selling means selling a security you do not own yet. Any return consists of the difference between the security's selling price and purchase price. Short selling enables an investor to take a negative stance on a particular stock within one day or to try to hedge their existing position.

At the end of they day, the investor must close the short position i.e. buy back the short-sold stocks. Short selling is possible within your trading limit and after you have concluded a short selling agreement with us.

Short selling is enabled at op.fi for stocks on a specific list, subject to changes without separate notice. The list typically includes the largest and most liquid stocks. To view the list, click the link at the end of this page.

By short selling, you can benefit from a decline in the stock's price within the same day.

  • Sell the stocks first and, if their price drops during the day, you can buy the sold stocks later the same day at a lower price. 
  • However, if the stocks' price rises, you will lose since you will have to buy the sold stocks back at a higher price.
  • During the same trading day, you will have to buy a volume of stocks corresponding to the volume you sold earlier. In other words, you must cover your short position by the end of the day. With respect to your trading limit, short selling is considered like buying securities and it reduces the limit available to you.

How to activate the short selling service?

Contact your local Group member cooperative bank to agree on the use of this service.

Via OP eServices, you can choose from among orders of the following type:

  • Limit order
  • Market price order
  • Fill and Kill (FAK)
  • Fill or Kill (FOK)
  • Stop order (activation price)

Limit order

Limit orders function in all markets. By setting a price limit, you can determine a maximum price for buy orders that you agree to pay for a stock and a minimum price for sell orders at which are ready to dispose of your holding. The validity of a limit order is 90 days on the Helsinki stock exchange, 7 days on Stockholm and one day in other international trading venues.

Market price order

It is possible to make a market price order only by selecting a FAK order and leaving the price limit field blank. The market price order will always be executed at the best buy or sell price.

FAK (Fill and Kill) order

A FAK order is executed against resting orders. If the order cannot be fully filled, the remaining balance is cancelled. FAK orders can be used not only in market price orders but also in limit orders. Orders can be placed in continuous trading on the Helsinki and Stockholm stock exchanges (Helsinki and Stockholm from 10:00 am until 6:25 pm).

FOK (Fill or Kill) orders

FOK orders are executed immediately in full or are cancelled if not executed. FOK orders can be used only in limit orders. Such orders can be placed in continuous trading on the Helsinki and Stockholm stock exchanges (Helsinki and Stockholm from 10:00 am until 6:25 pm).

Stop order (activation price)

The term reveals the order type with the primary aim of reducing any potential risk of loss through a sell order but orders can be placed not only at falling prices but also at rising prices as buy orders. Stop orders do not transfer to a stock exchange's trading system until the stock price rises or falls at a predetermined activation price of the order.

The best execution principles governing orders made at op.fi and OP cooperative banks.

Share investment services are provided by the Group member bank.