Häät-muistilista kuva

Are you planning a wedding?

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. We want to help make your day just what you have always dreamed of, so we put together a list of things that you should take into account when you start planning your wedding and begin your marriage.

Dreams can come true

A dream wedding and honeymoon can be organised with very different budgets, but they always take some amount of money. You should think about your budget and accumulating the money right as you begin planning your wedding.


If there is still plenty of time before the wedding, it is good to begin saving monthly. The easiest way to save is to have a fixed sum go as a direct debit from each of your bank accounts to your fund or savings account on your pay day. This way you can save with no effort – and systematically too.

We offer various ways to save, from funds to savings accounts.


If there is no time to save or you cannot get enough funds for some other reason, we also offer various credit options for funding your wedding and honeymoon. Prepare in advance and think about whether you have collateral for a loan, or if you can get it from for example your parents. Credit with collateral will always cost less. The repayment schedule is agreed on in a meeting with the bank.

These days many people pay some of their loan with their wedding present money. The most important thing is to organise your wedding based on your capacity to pay.

Wedding present account

These days you can make wedding present lists at department stores to help the guests who are wondering what the newlyweds might need. There is not always a need for a present list and guests can give their congratulations to the newlyweds in the form of an envelope.

If you want to avoid the envelope hassle you can open a wedding present account. The account can be a traditional current account that is used to pay, for example, some of the costs of the honeymoon or the wedding. If you plan not to spend the money on the account right after the wedding, it is wiser to open a fund with a better return rate or a savings account for your nest egg.

Honeymoon abroad

Whether you are heading to under the Maldives sun, the snow-covered mountain tops of Switzerland or the beautiful streets of Barcelona, you should take an OP-Visa card with you! The card can be used to pay for, for example dinners, shopping, and presents, as well as get cash from cash machines.

Make sure to check well in advance when your cards will expire and renew them before your trip if necessary. If one of you loses your card or it gets stolen, report the loss without delay. You are no longer responsible for any misuse of the card once you have reported it missing or stolen.

Security with an insurance policy

To prevent any dark clouds from hanging over your honeymoon, it is wise to get a travel insurance well in advance. A travel insurance can save you or your luggage from a real bind.

Eurooppalainen's international service network helps you at all hours of the day regardless of where in the world you are.

Also remember these

Prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreement has a negative ring to many young couples who are planning their wedding. In reality, questions related to the distribution of assets should be on the checklist of everyone thinking about getting married; even if the marriage last – as the wedding vows says – until death do you apart, at least then do the assets need to be distributed. That is why it makes sense to make sure before the marriage that the assets will be distributed in the manner best suited for the couple.

If no prenuptial agreement has been draw up, your assets are added together when your marriage ends and divided equally between both parties. This is also done if one spouse has considerably more or less assets than he or she did when the couple got married. It is worth noting that an owned company or a part of one is also included in the assets divided under marital rights.

If the basic code of action set by law does not feel right for you, it can be changed with a prenuptial agreement. It is most often used to agree, for example, that the spouses do not have a right to each other's property or that assets are only divided equally if the marriage lasts until death. A prenuptial agreement often also specifies, for example, that property received as inheritance or gift is not divided.

A prenuptial agreement can also be made after getting married, as long as you agree on its details.

Diamonds on your fingers

Don't forget to insure your engagement and wedding rings. With a valuables insurance you can cover your valuable rings in case of loss without a deductible. The insurance is valid throughout the world, so your rings are also safe when travelling abroad.

New names

After the wedding, when your life with your new name begins, you need to take care of your name change. You must report your name change to at least the following places:

  • Police
  • Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela)
  • Post office
  • Other interested groups, such as your employer, housing company's property manager, relatives and friends

A name change often also requires other measures, such as updating your cards and personal details at various places. Remember to update your name in your power of attorney documents and beneficiary clauses. You can easily report any changes to us by using our Internet Service.