Iso näyttö, tabletti ja kännykkä.

Credentials – key to OP’s services

As our customer, you have access to our OP eServices that makes your daily life easier. You use the services with your personal online user identifiers or OP service user identifiers. Take good care of them.

I use my credentials many times a day. It's easy to check with Pivo how much money I have in my account. I pay bills using OP-mobile: When taking a photo of the barcode, there is no need to key in bill details. I booked an appointment for an online meeting at to discuss with an investment advisor. Instead of going to the bank, I was sitting on my couch at home to have the meeting after work. Minna Latola, Sales Manager, OP – a full-service online bank where you can also use insurance services

You will login to the online bank with ease using your personal credentials. If you like, you will get personal service from our experts. You can contact via chat, leave a callback request or book an appointment for an online meeting. You can also find a lot of good tips for managing your banking and insurance needs.

OP-mobile – banking and insurance services on your phone or tablet

OP-mobile is Finland's most reliable mobile bank* where you can do your daily banking, investment and insurance transactions quickly and easily. It works with smartphones and tablets.

Pivo – a wallet in your phone

With several awards**, the Pivo mobile wallet tells you how your money lasts until the next payday arrives, and store benefit cards and coupons for you.

Service over the phone too

Your personal user identifiers for OP eServices enable us to verify your identity reliably also when you call our telephone services. There you can get expert advice, securely and reliably.

*MB  magazine's mobile bank test in 2014
**Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014, Grand one 2014: Best mobile and service and best design

Your credentials serve as your ID document on the web

By means of your user identifiers for OP eServices and OP service user identifiers, you can pay for purchases at webshops. By means of your online user identifiers, you can also authenticate yourself on online services provided by a number of authorities. Given that your credentials serve as your ID document on the web, do not give them to anyone. When you authenticate yourself or pay with credentials, always check that you are logging in to the bank’s own service or to a service where the service provider has the required licence from the relevant authority, or it has made a notification to authorities of offering payment order or account information services.

You can identify OP’s authentication and online payment buttons from OP’s logo. The address and certificate appearing on the browser’s address bar ensure that you are on the correct site.

You will receive your personal credentials by visiting any of our bank branches. Bring you valid ID document.

Instructions for use of online user identifiers username, password, key code, key code list

Username and password

When logging into the service, enter you username and password. It pays to commit your username to memory because it will always remain the same.

For reasons of security, OP eServices ask you to change the password when you log into the service for the first time. We recommend that you change your password on a regular basis.

Key code and key code list

The service asks you to enter one key code in random order when you

  • log into the service
  • confirm a payment or payments
  • sign agreements.

Find the string of numbers on the key code list that matches the bank's number, type it into the field in the screen and select Jatka (Continue). The key code can be found on your list next to the bank number on the right.

Replace your key code list with a new one before you have used up all the pairs of numbers. For this purpose, you need two unused pairs of numbers.

We will automatically send you a new list of key codes when you have 20 codes left. It will be delivered by mail to the address available in our customer data.

How do you activate a new key code list?

You can change your key code list on OP eServices or OP-mobile. Log into the service and select

  • (available only in Finnish): Asetukset ja hallinta > Vahvistaminen ja laitteet > Avainlukulistan vaihto
  • OP-mobile: Tools > Replace key code list

You need your current key code list with two unused pairs of key codes left and a new key code list that indicates the number of the key code list. That number has ten digits.

User identifiers are personal

The use of online user identifiers is equivalent to your signature and all orders given, messages sent, applications submitted, and agreements concluded using your identifiers are binding on you in relation to the bank or other service provider.

If you want to do banking transactions for another person on his/her behalf, (s)he can give you access rights to his/her account by visiting a member cooperative bank branch, after which you can use his account using your personal online user identifiers.

Always check the website address and certificate:

  • The address on your browser's address bar begins with https://
  • The website's certificate has been issued to OP Financial Group (e.g. OP Osuuskunta)
  • The certificate contains OP’s domain name
  • The issuer/publisher of the certificate is Entrust, DigiCert or Symantec
  • The certificate is valid

OP website addresses (domains) and online services you can access with your user identifiers

  • OP eServices
  • OP eServices for small corporate and institutional customers

  • Text version

  • OP Accessible

  • OP's Electronic Signature Service

  • Insurance services

  • Corporate eServices
  • Order user identifiers for Corporate eServices
  • Vendor Service

  • Cash Management Service

User identifiers enable you to authenticate yourself and make secure online payments. At the moment of authentication and payment, you will be transferred to an OP service. You can recognise it from the OP logo as well as the address and certificate on your browser’s address bar.

  • Authenticate yourself to a service provider’s service with OP’s TUPAS authentication.
  • Use OP online payment to pay your purchases at an online store from your bank account.
  • Confirm your card purchases with Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode services.

When you authenticate yourself with your personal user identifiers to our telephone service, you can manage your banking affairs by phone.

  • Private customer banking services 0100 0500
  • OP Corporate and Payment Services at 0100 05151

To use our apps for smartphones and tablets, you need to download them from your device’s app store. Before downloading, make sure that the app is published by OP (OP Pohjola osk or OP Ryhmä)


  • for Android 
  • for iPhone, iPad
  • for Windows Phone 

OP Business mobile

  • for iPhone, iPad  

Pivo mobile wallet

  • for Android
  • for iPhone, iPad
  • for Windows Phone


Aside from the abovementioned OP services, you can use your credentials on such payment order and account information services that comply with the Payment Services Act.