Kuljetusyrityksen vakuutukset kattavat muun muassa kuvassa näkyvään kuorman lastaamiseen liittyvät vahingot.

Insuring transport companies

What should a transport entrepreneur know about insurance policies? Read how to easily insure the transport cargo, transport equipment, your company and the staff.

Transport entrepreneur's liability is based on the Road Transport Agreement Act

We have been working closely with transport entrepreneurs for a long time, so we can help your company identify any risks in the business. The insurance enables you to prepare for any indemnification liability, for example.

Cargo carriers have, under the Road Transport Agreement Act, a statutory responsibility for the goods they carry. In international transport, however, the cargo carrier's liability is based on the CMR Convention. The Road Transport Agreement Act and the CMR Convention define both compensation liability and situations in which the cargo carrier is free from liability.

Special Corporate Insurance – an easy solution to transport companies

Special Corporate Insurance is an insurance package that has been created for the needs of small businesses, enabling them to prepare against the major risks concerning the company’s moveable property and operations. We have designed Special Corporate Insurance and its additional covers especially for the needs of commercial transport – all will be included in a single insurance policy, paid with a single invoice.

With Special Corporate Insurance for commercial transport, a transport company will get

  • property cover for the company's movable property, such as tools
  • consequential loss cover in case of losses that hinder the company’s operations
  • general liability cover, which also includes losses to someone else’s property you are handling or which is in your care
  • legal expenses cover
  • any necessary additional covers, such as road transport, cargo handling and freight forwarder's liability insurance.

Special Corporate Insurance is for small businesses, but if you have a larger business, we can offer solutions for that as well. If your net sales exceed one million, please contact us and we will tailor an insurance solution for you.

Customised insurance cover for equipment

Driving off a slippery road, elk collision, backing into an up-and-over door, or a vehicle catching fire – these and many others can be prepared for through voluntary motor insurance.

Whether your fleet consists of vans, lorries or forklifts, we can provide you with a suitable insurance policy. We insure both individual vehicles and fleets. If you have a large fleet, we can make things easier for you with a contract in which the policies are updated automatically when you change vehicles.

Ensure entrepreneur's and employee's working capacity

It is the personnel that keeps the wheels in motion. Climbing up into a crane, kneeling down under a trailer, fixing chains on, slippery stairs and road surfaces, varying places of work and dealing with hazardous substances are what working in the transport industry is all about. You can prevent occupational accidents and diseases with proper working methods, use of safety equipment, and by being careful. Being in a hurry is at the background of most accidental injuries.

If accidents occur, the statutory workers' compensation insurance provides security to your employees, and our quick treatment chain makes it easier to return back to normal. As an entrepreneur you are not covered by statutory insurance obligation, but you can cover yourself with self-employed persons’ accident insurance. You can take out a voluntary medical treatment expenses insurance policy, Health Insurance, alongside statutory accident insurance. Health Insurance ensures that you get quick treatment and return to work sooner rather than later, whether it concerns an accident or an illness. The illness can be, for example, a degenerative problem in your shoulder or knee, giving you chronic trouble.

Ensure your company's liquidity with effective financing solutions

Often you need financing to obtain new transport vehicles in order that your company's cash flow can be used to running the core business operations. OP has a comprehensive range of financing options, catering to any solutions to finance your investments. We can help you not only with investments but can also offer accounts receivable financing, receiving the funds from your invoicing more quickly on your account.

Nainen selaa tietokonetta hymyillen, sillä hänellä on työtapaturmavakuutus turvanaan.
Workers’ compensation insurance
Covers your employees in the event of accidents that happen at work or on the way to or from work as well as occupational diseases.
Mies on palaverissa ja hymyilee tietäen, että hänellä on turvanaan uuden yrittäjän vakuutuspaketti eli Yritysykkönen.
Special Corporate Insurance
Insurance package to protect your company’s movable property and operations. Special Corporate Insurance also covers sudden breakage losses.

If you engage in cross-border transports, it is important to ensure that your company insurance policies are also valid abroad.

We offer comprehensive insurance services for sea, air and road transports and also accompanying personnel.

Remember to get a Green Card and keep it with you on any cross-border transports. The Green Card proves the validity of your motor liability insurance aboard.