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Comprehensive cover for the entire personnel

All you need to manage personnel risks

Comprehensive personnel cover offers protection for work and leisure time, ensures quick and high-quality treatment and provides financial security around the clock anywhere in the world! The solution also ensures income security and protection of earnings for your employees and supplements pension cover in the event of disability.

What does the comprehensive personnel cover include?

Insurance solutions for work and leisure-time and occupational safety services:

Insurance to support health and capacity for work:

Insurance for financial protection:

Occupational accidents and diseases insurance

As an employer, you are obliged to insure your employees with an occupational accidents and diseases insurance policy.

All employees, whether in an employment or public service relationship and, by and large, partners and shareholders working for a company are covered on an obligatory basis. Entrepreneurs are insured with Self-employed persons’ accident insurance. Occupational accidents and diseases insurance is part of social security.

The insurance covers, for example:

  • Quick access to treatment and return to work in the event of an occupational accident
  • Treatment expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Compensation for a permanent disability
  • Rehabilitation

Accidents happen more often during leisure time that at work. Ensure that your personnel have the opportunity for good and quick treatment. The employee will receive quick medical attention following an accident during non-working hours and will be back at work soon.

The insurance covers, for example:

  • Quick access to treatment and return to work in the event of a leisure-time accident
  • Treatment expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Compensation for a permanent disability
  • Rehabilitation
  • Accidents during sports activity

The insurance is valid everywhere in the world.

In a safe work environment, the conditions for performing work are in order and the work does not have an adverse effect on health. Improving occupational safety is an everyday job. We will help you identify the right measures to prevent injuries while ensuring safe work conditions and employees’ capacity for work.

We have compiled key tips for ensuring occupational safety. If necessary, you can contact our occupational safety experts.

Preventative services
If your company has even one employee, at least preventative occupational health care services must be arranged for him or her.

What is included in preventative services?

  • Surveys of the workplace
  • Occupational safety cooperation
  • Health monitoring
  • Support regarding capacity for work
  • Guidance to rehabilitation
  • First aid training
  • Crisis support
  • Advice and guidance


Medical care

It is important for the success of your company that you invest in supporting the health and capacity for work of your personnel. 90% of companies have arranged general practitioner level medical care for their personnel in addition to preventative occupational health care services.

What does medical care cover?

  • General practitioner level medical care
  • Specialist consultations to support capacity for work
You can supplement preventative occupational health care services and general practitioner level medical care with accident insurance for work and leisure time as well as Health Insurance – you can use them to support the health and capacity for work of your personnel. 

Health Insurance is a medical treatment expenses insurance suitable for the whole personnel. With Health Insurance, you can ensure that an employee who has fallen ill can return to work as soon as possible.

You can choose the scope of the medical treatment expenses insurance, but we recommend Comprehensive Health Insurance to protect your personnel. Comprehensive Health Insurance supplements the medical care services of occupational health care as regards specialist-level medical care.

An accident or illness may strike while travelling, both in Finland and abroad. The employees you have insured with Corporate travel cover receive prompt assistance with various accidents that happen on the road, such as cases of illness. Travel insurance also protects your company’s finances in the event of an accident.

Disability insurance that supplements statutory insurance policies protects your employees in case of temporary or permanent disability. It also reduces the financial risks of your company and secures the continuity of your business.

Life insurance supplements the statutory cover and helps your company and the loved ones of your employees cope in crisis situations.

Nainen istuu kahvilan terassilla huolettomasti Terveysturva turvanaan.
Health Insurance
With medical expenses insurance, you secure high-quality treatment and an efficient clinical pathway for your personnel, and also shorten absence due to illness.
Kaksi naista tutkii pöydällä olevia materiaaleja ja keskustelee TyEListä, lakisääteisestä työeläkevakuutuksesta työntekijälle.
TyEL or statutory employment pension insurance for employees
TyEL insurance is a form of mandatory insurance for entrepreneurs.
Mies tekee töitä kotona turvanaan etätyövakuutus.
Remote workers' insurance
Remote Workers’ Insurance covers accidents during the workday in remote work.