A combination card is the smart choice

Do you frequently shop online, or occasionally use your card to pay for expensive purchases? Read more on why a combination card is the best choice for you.

What is a combination card?

A combination card is a payment card that combines a debit and credit feature. When paying, you can choose whether to pay by debit card (from your account) or credit card (use credit).

OP’s combination cards include OP Classic, OP Gold and OP Platinum.

Why is a combination card a better option than just a debit card?

A combination card provides you with more security when you are purchasing and paying. It also offers the option of benefiting from the credit card payment term. With this card in your pocket, there’s no need to use other ways of paying in instalments.

See below to compare the debit and combination card.

Debit card

Combination card

Pay directly from your account.

Pay directly from your account or with credit. Whenever you pay, you can choose whether to use the debit or credit feature.

Payments are debited directly from your account.

You can opt for flexible payment: pay with credit to receive an average 35-day payment term, free of interest and charges.


Your purchases made by card are covered for six months with Product Protection Insurance, which is included in owner-customers' combination cards.


If the retailer doesn’t provide the goods or services as promised, you are protected if you pay with credit. You can seek a refund from the credit card company if, for example, the products you ordered never arrive.


You can use credit to pay for items such as online purchases, streaming services and larger purchases: it’s easy to keep track of payments from a credit account, which are kept apart from other daily expenditure.

Monthly charge of €3.95, as part of daily banking services for owner-customers.


*Monthly charge starting from €3.95, as part of daily banking services for owner-customers.

Monthly charge of €2.75 when not part of daily banking services.

**Monthly charge starting from €2.95 when not part of daily banking services.

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Product Protection Insurance for card purchases

All OP combination cards include free-of-charge Product Protection Insurance for owner-customers. This insurance is valid for six months for purchases made with the credit or debit feature. It covers items such as breakage of a brand new pair of glasses, or the theft of a gleaming new bicycle.


Extra time to pay, but no extra charges

The credit feature of a combination card makes payment more flexible. If you pay back all the credit by the first invoice’s deadline, you won’t have to pay any charges — i.e. interest or account service charges — for using the credit card. You get an average of 35 interest-free days to pay, without costs.

If you wish, you can pay the credit in smaller instalments, in at least the minimum monthly amounts: if you take this option, you must pay interest and account service fees on all instalments paid after the first one.


Why is it worth paying with credit?

When you pay with credit, your purchases are covered by the credit card company’s purchase protection. This protects your purchases if the retailer does not fulfil its obligations, such as sending the ordered goods. Such protection covers online purchases and travel bookings, for example. If the purchase goes wrong or the retailer goes bankrupt, you can apply to the credit card company for a refund.

Another clear advantage of combination cards is their flexibility compared to debit cards. The card’s credit feature allows you to postpone a purchase’s payment by over a month, without extra costs. For example, if you no longer have enough money to cover a surprise expense this month, but can pay next month, you can use credit now and settle the credit bill next month.


A combination card costs the same as a debit card

*As part of daily banking services for owner-customers of an OP cooperative bank, the OP Classic card is subject to the same monthly charge as a debit card, i.e. the OP Basic or OP Debit card. For owner-customers, the monthly fee for daily banking services is 3.95 euros. This includes a current account, OP's digital services and OP's Visa card. For owner-customers, the bank’s service charges are primarily debited from OP bonuses.

**If not part of owner-customer daily banking services, the OP Classic card costs €2.95 per month.

If you use your combination card to pay with credit, and interest is payable, the interest rate is the 3-month Euribor + 8.95%, plus a monthly account service charge of €3.50.

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If you would like additional services, such as comprehensive travel insurance, for your combination card, read more about our OP Gold and OP Platinum cards. The monthly charge for these is slightly higher than for OP Classic.

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The cards are granted by OP Retail Customers Plc. Product Protection Insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.