Tesla turvattuna InsureMyTesla-vakuutuksella


InsureMyTesla - comprehensive insurance plan for your Tesla

InsureMyTesla is made up of the motor liability insurance and our most comprehensive car insurance, the Super Motor Insurance. You can reinforce your insurance cover with outstanding supplementary cover, that cover, among others, against window damage and damage to a parked vehicle.


•    The maximun bonus for motor liability insurance is 80 %.
•    Bonus cover for motor liability insurance, meaning that one loss will not reduce your bonuses.
•    Low deductible for comprehensive motor vehicle insurance – only €200.
•    Full glass coverage including your Tesla panoramic roof.


•    Quick and easy help – OP Claim Help at claimhelp.op.fi.
•    A replacement car will be delivered to you for 7 days if your journey has been interrupted.
•    Compensates without bonus loss if an unknown person scratches your car in car park.
•    A higher compensation amount if your car must be redeemed.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

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