Pankin vaihtaminen OPhen on helppoa. Aloita pankin vaihto varaamalla aika tapaamiseen.

Switch your bank to OP

When switching banks, all your banking transactions will be moved from your current bank to OP. We will take care of all the practical issues: open the new bank accounts and cards for you and move any recurring payments, loan payments and savings to your own OP cooperative bank. To switch banks, just book a meeting.

You will receive personal online user identifiers with which you can log into OP's own online and mobile services and also into selected providers' services.

If you already are a customer of Pohjola Insurance Ltd, you can become our banking customer by booking a meeting.

Become OP's customer easily: just fill in an application online. To be able to fill in an online application, you need another bank's online banking credentials.

For the meeting, you need

  • 60 minutes for the meeting
  • information of your current banking services
  • a valid ID document.

The steps of switching banks

  • Book a meeting and read the power of attorney.
    Around 10 minutes
  • In the meeting, we will go through the banking services to be opened for you and you will receive your personal online user identifiers.
    60 minutes
  • You will get access to all OP services. Your old banking services will be terminated after the switch.