Tekniikan Akateemisten vakuutusedut

Insurance benefits for the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK)

Cover for TEK members

Read about the discounts and ask for an offer

Read about TEK’s member discounts and ask for an insurance offer.


Include your union and membership number

In the offer request, state that you are member of the TEK and your membership number.


Owner-customer benefits

As an owner-customer, you will get a discount on your policies and also receive OP bonuses.

Travel insurance at a permanent discount

As a TEK member, you get a permanent discount of traveller's insurance and luggage insurance.

  • Traveller's insurance, a permanent discount of 20 %
  • Luggage insurance, a permanent discount of 5 %

TEK members get up to 20% off home and family insurance

As a TEK member, you can get discounts on your home and family insurance policies for up to three years. Your family members may also be covered by the insurance policies. Insurance for home and family includes home insurance, legal expenses insurance and general liability insurance, health insurance, Living Allowance Insurance, Valuables Insurance and small boat insurance.

1st year: -20 %; 2nd year -15 %; 3rd year -5 %
OP Claim Help available 24/7

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for one year –20 %

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is an optional car insurance policy. You will be compensated against various panelling and glass losses and can be sure to receive help quickly.

As a member of TEK, you get 20 % off your car’s comprehensive motor vehicle insurance premiums during the first 12 months. This applies to Super Motor Insurance and Standard Motor Insurance for a car or van in private use, and a new Maxi Motor Insurance policy for a campervan or caravan. After the discounted year, the insurance policy will continue at normal price.

56 % increase on life insurance free of charge

We offer TEK members and their spouses living in the same household a cost-free 56 % increase in the amount of life insurance benefit. The amount of life insurance benefit must be between EUR 10,000 and 50,000. The amount of the cost-free increase will be confirmed annually, and this 56 % increase will be valid in 2019.

Services and benefits for entrepreneurs

We provide services that make entrepreneurs’ hectic everyday life easier and support the company's business. These include OP Business mobile, a service that goes wherever you go, as well as services related to business risk management. More detailed information on our services for entrepreneurs can be found at the bottom of the page.

Entrepreneurs get the same benefits for home and family insurance, life insurance and motor vehicle insurance. Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the unique benefits offered to our owner-customers.

Terveysvakuutus, nainen ui järvessä
Health insurance for an adult
Health insurance helps if you fall ill or have an accident, getting you back to health as soon as possible.

All accident insurances and travel insurances bought prior to 1st of January 2015 expire starting 1st of June 2018 at the end of your current insurance term.

What does the insurance cover?

The organisational insurance covers members of the organisation, student members and employees in organisational duties and at organisational events. Organisational duties include meetings of the union and associations, training events, summer events and trips. Members are covered by traveller’s and luggage insurance and secondary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

The sums insured and deductibles

The traveller's and luggage insurance covers medical expenses of a travel illness or accident without maximum monetary limit. A travel illness is covered for a maximum of 120 days from the start of treatment and a maximum of three years from the accident. The maximum compensation for permanent disability is EUR 10,000 and EUR 2,000 for death benefit. The maximum compensation for luggage is EUR 2,000 and the deductible is EUR 50. Money is indemnified up to EUR 200.
The maximum compensation under the travel liability insurance is EUR 170,000 and the deductible is EUR 50. The maximum compensation for a travel legal expenses loss event is EUR 8,500 and the deductible is 15%, but no less than EUR 168.

Instructions in case of loss or damage

In the event of loss or damage, you should always contact the event organiser.

As a TEK member, you are entitled to discounts on your home and family insurance policies as follows:

1st year:-20%
2nd year: -15%
3rd year: -5%

Home insurance
Our home insurance conveniently provides coverage for your home and home contents on a single policy. Home insurance protects your home and holiday home, as well as their contents, from burglary, fire and sudden damage due to leakage, for example. The insurance also provides the home insurance required for rented homes.

Health insurance
With our health insurance, you can get the best possible treatment whenever you need it. Health insurance can be tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to choose its extent and different types of coverage for illness and accidents. The insurance will ensure your speedy recovery, and even prevent a deterioration of your condition. In addition, the health insurance will allow you to benefit from various therapies ordered by your doctor.

Travel insurance
Our travel insurance consists of traveller's insurance and luggage insurance. Traveller’s insurance provides cover for accidents that occur and illnesses you contract during travel. Luggage Insurance covers your luggage anywhere in the world. Moreover, travel insurance covers travel cancellations and interruptions as well as missed and delayed departures.

Valuables insurance
Our valuables insurance covers items you carry outside your home. Such valuables include, for example, expensive musical instruments, cameras, lenses, watches and jewellery. Valuables insurance is valid throughout the world, covering your valuable property wherever you go.

Small boat insurance
Boat insurance provides comprehensive cover for your small boat for accidents or damage occurring afloat or in the harbour. The insurance covers your boat for damage caused by collision, storm or vandalism, as well as for damage during transportation or when docking. In addition, boat insurance always includes a liability and legal expenses insurance, in which those insured include the boat owner, holder and driver.

Living allowance insurance
Living allowance insurance provides financial coverage for you and those close to you if you are injured or die accidentally. The policy is also valid when you travel or do sports.

Legal expenses insurance and general liability insurance
You may inadvertently cause another person a loss for which you are liable. Through no fault of your own, you may also find yourself in a situation where you need legal aid defend your rights. The insurance also applies to your family members living in the same household.

We provide services that make entrepreneurs’ everyday life easier and support the company's business. We recommend the following services for entrepreneurs:

Risk management services
Business operations always involve risks. The better you are aware of your company's potential business risks, the better you can manage them and protect yourself against risks in advance through appropriate measures.

When we identify your company’s risks, we can help you to minimise the detrimental effects of risks and make use of the possibilities to take worthy risks.

OP Business mobile
Manage your company’s insurances and banking conveniently online. If you download OP Business mobile, you can also manage your transactions on a mobile device regardless of time or place. OP Business mobile includes the basic banking services for your company. You can also use a mobile invoicing service that supports your customer and product management. You can monitor your company's invoicing details and deliver invoices to your customers the way you want.

Service numbers for entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur, you will get assistance in all your insurance matters on 0303 0303 (option 3, weekdays from 8 am to 10 pm). The same number provides support for matters related to Ilmarinen’s employee pensions. In insurance matters, you can also be in contact by email: yrityspalvelut@op.fi

If you have any questions related to your banking transactions, savings or investments, you can contact your local OP cooperative bank or call corporate services on 0100 05151 (weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm).

OP Claim Help and Pohjola Hospital
Help is near in the event of an accident. You can find comprehensive instructions for loss events from the OP Claim Help service. By entering the loss or injury you have suffered, you will receive instructions on how to get help as quickly as possible. If you are injured or fall ill, you can use the services of Pohjola Hospital to receive prompt and professional assistance. Pohjola Hospital provides devoted care and ensures that you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible.

In the event of an accident or injury, it is important that you get help as quickly as possible. This ensures that you can return to your everyday life as quickly as possible.

OP Claim Help provides simple instructions in the event of loss, injury or damage and in finding our nearest partner, whether you have fallen ill, have broken your mobile phone or have been involved in a car accident. As an OP customer, you can also file a loss report via the OP mobile application as soon as the accident or injury has occurred. The quick instructions provided by OP Claim and being able to file an immediate loss report make it easier to cope with unpleasant and unexpected accidents and losses.

Travel insurance is granted by Eurooppalainen Insurance Company. Life insurance is granted by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. The other insurance policies are granted by OP Insurance Ltd.