Our services in English for private customers

For the time being, we offer OP eServices to private customers only in Finnish and Swedish. On OP-mobile and OP Accessible, you can choose English as language setting.

The bank will send notifications, information services, requests related to confirmation, and other messages only in Finnish and Swedish.

On OP-mobile, it’s easy to do daily banking transactions anytime and anywhere

OP-mobile is a user-friendly and secure service that is currently available in English for iPads, iPhones, Android-phones and Android-tablets.

OP-mobile enables you to
• view transactions, balance and funds available related to your accounts and credit card
• pay bills, also using a barcode reader
• monitor stock prices, view basic stock information in terms of figures and graphics
• make buy and sell orders
• In addition to banking services, you will get help in the case of claims, provided you have taken out policies with OP.

Download the service to you mobile device from AppStore or Google Play.

OP Accessible - a simple online service in plain language

OP Accessible is available in English in a browser-based online service that can be used on a computer or tablet. OP Accessible can be used without a mouse and just with a keyboard. You can also use it with screen readers.

The language used in OP Accessible is plain and easy. This makes it suitable also for customers who only understand basic Finnish, Swedish or English.

In the service, you can make payments and transfer money to your own account. You can also view your accounts, account balances and account transactions.

To use OP Accessible, you don't need to register or order it. It's available to all OP customers who have OP eServices user identifiers. You can log into OP Accessible with the same user identifiers that you use to log into OP’s other digital services: OP eServices user identifiers or OP service user identifiers.

Pivo - Siirto
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