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Credit card billing – Have you any questions about your bill?

We have compiled frequently asked questions about credit card billing and answers to them on a separate page.

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Using the card – I don’t recognise all of my card transactions. What should I do?

The name of the retailer shown on the bill isn’t always the same as the name of the place of purchase. Keep the receipts showing where the card has been used until receiving the bill and checking the transactions. If your bill has an inexplicable or extra transaction, please contact our Customer Service as soon as possible. In unclear cases, file a correction request.

Contact our customer service

How to make a correction request 

We have compiled frequently asked questions about credit card billing and answers to them on a separate page.

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Using the card – What’s the difference between debit and credit payments?

Debit payments are debited from a bank account. Credit payments are debited from a credit account. You’ll receive a bill for your credit payments once a month. Once you’ve received the bill, you can take advantage of either the interest- and cost-free payment term and pay off the entire amount in full or the credit facility and pay the bill in instalments.

We have compiled frequently asked questions about credit card billing and answers to them on a separate page.

Read more about credit card billing

Product Protection Insurance – What does it cover? How does it work?

Product Protection Insurance is an insurance product included in an owner-customer’s credit card. It’s automatically included in the following credit cards held by owner-customers: OP-Visa, OP-Visa Gold, OP-Visa Platinum and OP-Mastercard.

Product Protection Insurance protects credit and debit purchases made with an owner-customer credit card against breakage or theft. The protection with OP-Visa Gold and OP-Visa Platinum is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and with OP-Visa Credit/Debit and OP-Mastercard for six months. For purchases made before 1 November 2021, the protection is valid for 180 days.

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In the event of loss or damage, file a loss report

If the product is defective, contact the seller. If the product gets broken, file for compensation from Product Protection Insurance. File a loss report on OP-mobile or You can also report the loss by calling our Claims Settlement service line. 

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Cancelling a card – How do I cancel an unnecessary card?

When you’ve received the new card and seen that it works, you can cancel your old card by yourself. On OP-mobile, you can cancel the card easily in card settings.

You can also cancel the card by logging into and opening the chat (in Finnish). In the chat, let us know that you want to cancel a card and then follow the instructions. To cancel a card, you’ll only need the last four digits of the card to be cancelled.

After cancelling the card, destroy it by cutting it carefully into pieces so that the chip and magnetic stripe are destroyed.

Using the card – How can I add the Plussa feature to my card?

You can add the Plussa feature free of charge at to the following cards: OP-Visa Credit/Debit, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Visa Basic or OP-Mastercard.

Do as follows:

  1. Log into and go to Rahat (Money) – Omat kortit (My cards).
  2. Select the card to which you want to link the feature.
  3. Under K-Plussa, select Liitä (Link).
  4. Fill in the information.
  5. Done! You’ll get a new card with the K-Plussa feature by post. Your card’s PIN will remain unchanged.


Ordering a card – How do I order a new card?

If your card is damaged, you can order a new card at to replace it.
Log into 

If your name has changed and that’s why you need a new card, order the card by contacting us by phone, via chat (in Finnish) or by sending us a message on OP’s services.

If you don’t have OP’s user ID, you can order a new card by phone.

See our Customer Service contact information 

My card does not work – What could be the reason?

If your card doesn’t work, the reason is usually the card’s spending/withdrawal limit, the available credit facility, reaching the card’s expiry date or the card becoming locked. If your card doesn’t work, you can usually solve the problem yourself.

Why isn’t my card working? Read more detailed instructions

Deactivating a card - Is your card lost or stolen?

If your credit card or payment card is lost or stolen, call OP Deactivation Service immediately on 0100 0555 (available 24/7). When you call the Deactivation Service, you don't need your card's number; your personal ID code is all you need. Your liability ends once you’ve reported your card lost or stolen, and you won’t lose your money if anyone uses your card.

New card to replace the lost or stolen card

Your card stops working immediately once you report it lost or stolen. If you find the card you’ve reported lost or stolen, don't use it but wait for a new card.

You’ll be automatically ordered a new card and PIN when you call the Deactivation Service and report your card lost. You’ll receive the new card within a week or so.

The card PIN doesn’t work – What do I do when the card’s PIN has been locked?

The card PIN is lost – How do I order a new PIN for my card?

You can order a new PIN easily by logging into the service. Log in, select the card for which you need a new PIN and order a new PIN. You’ll receive the new PIN by post within about three weekdays.

Log into

If you don’t have an OP user ID, you can order a new PIN by phone.

See our Customer Service contact information 

If your PIN code is compromised (you know or suspect that an outsider has learned your PIN), you must deactivate your card and order a new card, at which point your PIN will also change. Deactivate your card immediately by calling OP Deactivation Service on 0100 0555 (available 24/7). You’ll be automatically ordered a new card and PIN when you call the Deactivation Service.

Change your card’s background colour

You can change the background colour of your OP-Visa, OP-Visa Debit or OP-Visa Basic card whenever you want. If you want us to deliver a card with a new background colour right away, we will charge a fee based on our list of service charges and fees.

If you want the design to be changed only when your card expires, the change is free of charge. You can find the last month and year of validity on the front of your card, in the format mm/yy.

Remember to order the new background colour at least three months before your card expires.

Changing the background colour is free of charge also when you add the K-Plussa feature to your card.

Order a card with a new design by logging into the service:

  1. In the Omat kortit (My cards) view, select the card whose background colour you want to change.
  2. Next to Kortin ulkoasu (Card’s design), select Tilaa uusi kortti (Order new card), OR
  3. If your card is not yet linked with the K-Plussa feature, add it to your card by selecting Liitä (Link) next to K-Plussa. After this, you can select a new background colour for your card for free.

Log into the service

Using the card – How do I change my card’s spending and withdrawal limits?

It’s advisable to set spending and withdrawal limits for your payment card as protection against loss and misuse.

You can change the spending and withdrawal limits of your payment card quickly and easily on OP-mobile or at

Change your card’s spending and withdrawal limits by logging into 

Read more about how to change your card’s spending and withdrawal limits 

If you don’t have an OP user ID, you can change the limits by phone.

See our Customer Service contact information 

Using the card – What is the card’s CVC security code and where can I find it?

On OP’s combination cards, the credit card number is on the front of the card. 

A credit card’s security code, the three-digit CVC number, is next to the signature field on the back of the card.

A debit card’s number is on the back of the card. Its three-digit CVC security code is right next to the card number.

The security code may also be called CVV.

FAQ about Apple Pay – What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service provided by Apple. You can add your OP’s Visa card to Apple Wallet to pay with Apple Pay in stores, online and in apps with just your Apple device. Read the FAQ about Apple Pay

Changing the card – How can I change the card type, say, from OP-Visa to OP-Visa Gold?

If you want to change the card type, for example, from a payment card to a credit card or a credit card with more additional services, do as follows:

  1. Select the credit card or payment card best suited to your needs 
  2. Fill in the application directly at or call our Customer Service. 
  3. You’ll receive your new card within 1–2 weeks.
  4. When you’ve received the new card and seen that it works, you can cancel your old card. You can repay the credit on your old card in normal monthly payments in accordance with your repayment plan.

If your card application is rejected, contact our Customer Service.

When applying for a new card, your old card’s credit limit may affect the credit limit granted to the new card. You can raise the new card’s credit limit after you’ve started to use the card and cancelled the old card.

Using the card – Can I transfer my credit card’s credit facility to my account?

You can transfer the credit facility of your OP-Visa card or OP-Mastercard to your account at and on OP-mobile. With the K-Plussa Maksuaika card you can transfer credit if you have an OP user ID.

Using the card – Are card details updated automatically to streaming services?

In future, card details may be automatically updated to subscription and streaming services. All payment cards are linked to either the Visa or Mastercard service which update card details automatically to Netflix, Spotify, Google, iTunes and others.

This automatic update makes life easier and ensures a seamless continuation of services while an expiring or a damaged card is being replaced, for example.

Many service providers are already using automatic update and more are joining in constantly.

Using the card – Can I make contactless payments with an OP card?

Contactless payment facility is automatically included in all our payment cards. You’ll recognise a contactless payment card from the contactless symbol depicting radio waves. You can use contactless payment for all purchases of less than 50 euros.

Using the card – With which cards can I shop online?

It’s advisable to pay online purchases with a credit card. You’ll need an OP user ID and Mobile key to confirm payments.

If you have the K-Plussa Maksuaika card, you’ll only need Mobile key to confirm payments. You can start using Mobile key if you have any bank’s user identifiers.

Using the card – Which cards can I use to pay overseas?

You can use all OP payment cards to make payments abroad. In some countries, card payment is still rare and cash is used more commonly.

Increasing the card’s credit limit – How can I increase my credit card’s credit limit?

You can increase the credit limit in the service or on OP-mobile.

Increase your credit card limit in the service

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