Maanrakennusyrityksen vakuutukset kattavat muun muassa kuvassa näkyvän kaivinkoneen aiheuttamia vahinkoja.

Insuring earth-moving companies

Do you know what insurance policies an earth-moving company should take out? It is essential, for example, to prepare against liability losses and to insure both the working machines and what you are working on.

The earthmoving business has grown a lot in recent years. The number and versatility of working machines and more extensive contracts require greater accuracy in insurance matters. When you take out a policy, list carefully all the things the machines will be used for, what kind of contracts they are engaged in and who makes the agreements for the contracts. Different work sites and contracts require different general liability insurance policies.

Insuring earth-moving businesses requires skill, and we will be happy to help you in finding the most suitable insurance solution.

Special Corporate Insurance – preparing you for all major risks

Special Corporate Insurance is convenient insurance package for small earth-moving businesses, covering the main risks associated with the company's moveable property and operations. When designing Special Corporate Insurance and its additional covers, our experts have taken into account machinery contractors’ needs – all you need will be included on a single policy, paid with a single invoice.

An earth-moving company buying Special Corporate Insurance will get a package containing

  • Property Cover for scoops not being used at the time, and for other movable property
  • consequential loss cover for the company's operations
  • general liability cover, which also includes someone else’s property you are handling or which is in your care
  • legal expenses cover
  • any necessary additional covers, such as road transport, cargo handling and freight forwarder's liability insurance

If your net sales exceed one million euros, we do not recommend Special Corporate Insurance but instead a tailored insurance solution. Contact us for more information.

Project your company from liability losses

General liability insurance is very important in the earth-moving business, because it enables you to prepare for unforeseeable commercial liability losses, and consequent financial losses. If your company engages in quarrying, for example, a policy of strict liability is applied, meaning that your company is always responsible if any losses occur. This is why you should include a quarrying liability insurance policy to complement your general liability insurance. Additional cover may also be useful for other earth-moving businesses.

Ensure sufficient insurance cover for the target

Any work performed always applies to a certain target and therefore it is important that the earth-moving target has its own policy covering any losses to it. The policy must always to chosen on the basis of the target, either as a continuous annual policy or per target. For example, if you are making plumbing and sewage work into a channel, you should take out CAR/EAR insurance for the target. You can also take additional cover to insure the property about the target.

Cover for working machines in case of losses

We have a range of working machine policies and will have one that suits your working machine, whether it is large or small. Choose the coverage and deductible for your working machines that suits them best. The Working machine extra policy we have designed for the needs of earth-moving and machinery contractors gives coverage to your working machines' accessories and other moveable property.

Ensure entrepreneur's and employees' working capacity

Slippery and uneven terrain, varying places or work and weather conditions create constant challenges to earth-moving professionals. You can prevent occupational accidents and diseases with proper working methods, use of safety equipment, and by being careful. Being in a hurry is at the background of most accidental injuries.

If accidents occur, the statutory workers' compensation insurance provides security to your employees, and our quick treatment chain makes it easier to return back to normal. As an entrepreneur you are not covered by statutory insurance obligation, but we recommend that you cover yourself with self-employed persons’ accident insurance. You can take out a voluntary medical treatment expenses insurance policy, Health Insurance, alongside statutory accident insurance. In case of illness or accident, it is important to get treatment quickly, as it will speed up your recovery and benefit both you as an entrepreneur and your employees.

Improve your liquidity with effective financing solutions

You often need financing to buy large working machines, and therefore we offer your company comprehensive solutions together with OP to finance your investments. Financing is a good solution, in terms of taxation and liquidity, when you make new purchases, freeing resource for your company's core business and investments. We can help you not only with investments but can also offer accounts receivable financing, receiving the funds from your invoicing more quickly on your account.

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Working machine insurance
Cover your company's working machines and their accessories.
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Special Corporate Insurance
Insurance package to protect your company’s movable property and operations. Special Corporate Insurance also covers sudden breakage losses.