Youth insurance

Pohjola Insurance provides insurance cover for you, your loved ones and your property. We offer our young loyal customers a 21% discount on most insurance policies. Learn more about how to become a loyal customer and our insurance products and take advantage of the discounts offered to young loyal customers.

Become a loyal customer – get discounts

You will become a Pohjola Insurance loyal customer if you take out insurance for yourself, your loved ones, or your property from at least three different insurance product groups. Our insurance product groups are presented below:

When you are our loyal customer, your will enjoy the following discounts on your policies – regardless of your age:

  • 7% off home and other property insurance, personal insurance (not including life insurance), continuous travel insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies

As our loyal customer aged between 18 and 27, you will get a 21% discount instead of the 7 % discount on the following insurance policies:

  • Home insurance
  • Continuous travel insurance
  • Personnel insurance (such as Health Insurance)
  • Boat insurance
  • Animal insurance
  • Valuables insurance

The discount does not apply to life and disability insurance, vehicle insurance, medical expenses insurance no longer sold, or Easy insurance packages.

Insurance for young people – use these combos to get discounts

The first insurance needs of young people typically relate to home, travelling and vehicles. Below you can find examples of insurance packages that entitle you to become a Pohjola Insurance loyal customer and get the 21% discount it brings.


Insurance for young people, example 1


Insurance for young people, example 3


Insurance for young people, example 2


Insurance for young people, example 4

Home insurance for young people

Home insurance is typically the first insurance policy for young people. Pohjola Home Insurance provides excellent cover for the surfaces and contents of your first home, whether you rent or own your residence. 

Home Insurance covers fire and water damage, for example. You can also tailor the policy to cover housing contents against breakage or loss due to theft.

Travel insurance for young people 

At its most comprehensive, travel insurance gives both the traveller and luggage cover for loss during travel. You can choose between fixed-term or continuous travel insurance for your trip. If you only travel about once a year in Finland or abroad, we recommend a fixed-term travel insurance policy that is valid for a single trip. If you travel more frequently, it is more economical to take out a continuous travel insurance policy that is valid whenever you travel.

Please note that only a continuous travel insurance policy brings you one step closer to the 21% discount for young loyal customers.