Youth insurance

Pohjola Insurance provides insurance cover for you, your loved ones and your property. We offer our young loyal customers a 21% discount on most insurance policies. Learn more about how to become a loyal customer and our insurance products and take advantage of the discounts offered to young loyal customers.

Become a loyal customer – get discounts

As our prime customer aged between 18 and 27, you get a 21% discount on the following insurance policies:

  • Home insurance
  • Continuous travel insurance
  • Personnel insurance (such as Health Insurance)
  • Boat insurance
  • Animal insurance
  • Valuables insurance

In addition, as a prime customer, you get the standard 7% discount on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

The discount does not apply to life and disability insurance, vehicle insurance, medical expenses insurance no longer sold, or Easy insurance packages.

Extra discount for OP cooperative bank's owner-customers

If you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you get a further 3% discount on your insurance. As an insurance prime customer and OP’s owner customer aged between 18 and 27, you may be entitled to a total discount of up to 24%. As an owner customer, you also earn OP bonuses that are used for insurance premium payments.

Your prime customer status continues after you turn 28 years, but your discount percentage changes from 21% to 7%. All our prime customers over the age of 27 are entitled to the following discounts:

  • 7% off home and other property insurance, personal insurance (not including life insurance), continuous travel insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies
  • as our owner-customer, you get an additional 3% discount for a total discount of up to 10% after you turn 28 years.

How can you become a loyal customer?

You will become a Pohjola Insurance loyal customer if you take out insurance for yourself, your loved ones, or your property from at least three different insurance product groups. Our insurance product groups are presented below:

You can buy insurance policies easily online or request a quote for all the insurance policies you need at the same time.

Use these combos to get discounts:

The first insurance needs of young people typically relate to home, travelling and vehicles. Below you can find examples of insurance packages that entitle you to become a Pohjola Insurance loyal customer and get the 21% discount it brings.


Insurance for young people, example 1


Insurance for young people, example 3


Insurance for young people, example 2


Insurance for young people, example 4

Home insurance for young people

Home insurance is typically the first insurance policy for young people. Pohjola Home Insurance provides excellent cover for the surfaces and contents of your first home, whether you rent or own your residence. 

Home Insurance covers fire and water damage, for example. You can also tailor the policy to cover housing contents against breakage or loss due to theft.

Travel insurance for young people 

At its most comprehensive, travel insurance gives both the traveller and luggage cover for loss during travel. You can choose between fixed-term or continuous travel insurance for your trip. If you only travel about once a year in Finland or abroad, we recommend a fixed-term travel insurance policy that is valid for a single trip. If you travel more frequently, it is more economical to take out a continuous travel insurance policy that is valid whenever you travel.

Please note that only a continuous travel insurance policy brings you one step closer to the 21% discount for young loyal customers.

Health insurance for young people

Health insurance provides security throughout your life against various accidents and, if you wish, also against illnesses. By purchasing health insurance when you are still young and healthy, you receive comprehensive coverage to secure your future. This way, any illnesses diagnosed later do not impact your insurance cover, and you can always choose the most suitable avenue for taking care of your health. Health insurance gives you the option of using either private or public health care without having to worry about high costs.

Health Insurance grants you also access to Pohjola Health Advisor. You can contant the Health Advisor by phone or in an app if you are injured of fall ill. The Health Advisor will schedule you an appointment with a our parner doctor or give home care instructions if a visit to the doctor is not necessary.

Take care of your insurance easily on OP-mobile or at

As our customer, you have access to a wide range of insurance services both online and on OP-mobile. For example, you can choose to receive insurance bills as e-invoices and your insurance documents electronically at and OP-mobile instead of by mail. If you are also OP’s banking customer, you can take care of your banking needs conveniently in the same service online and on OP-mobile.

Access your insurance services easily on OP-mobile

Managing your insurance services and filing claims is easy on OP-mobile. With OP-mobile, your insurance cards are also available whenever you are. You will need your insurance card if you fall ill while travelling and need to present your travel insurance card at the hospital where you are treated, for example. Your home insurance card lets your landlord know that you have a valid home insurance policy required by your lease.

In case of loss or damage, visit Pohjola Claim Help

No-one wants to be left alone in the event of loss or damage. That’s why we have listed clear instructions in all kinds of losses in Pohjola Claim Help. If you have an accident or fall ill, for example, Pohjola Claim Help has instructions on how to handle the matter and claim compensation and the contact details of our nearest network partner.