Eurooppalainen in brief

Eurooppalainen is the only insurance company in Finland that specialises in travel insurance.

Market leader in travel insurance

Eurooppalainen in Finland's only insurance company specialising in travel insurance, having a market share of almost 50 per cent. It is one of the best-known brands in the travel sector.

OP Financial Group's broad customer base and internal cooperation will provide Eurooppalainen with good opportunities to boost its business. Eurooppalainen has the goal of growing at a rate above the market average, strengthening its market leadership and maintaining good business profitability.

Aiming at the best customer experience in the market

We want to offer you the best service in case you suffer a loss. Eurooppalainen offers a comprehensive range of products, it has a wide sales network in Finland, and a unique international service network. Euro-Center claims offices around the world will help you to find a reliable hospital or doctor at your destination. The Euro-Center network and Eurooppalainen's 24/7 emergency service offer high-quality services in case of losses.