5 loss situations that surprise travellers

All sorts of things may happen abroad! Ever heard of these occurring to travellers? Have you taken out the proper travel insurance?

Many people insure their home, lives and car, but not necessarily their holiday trips, some of which can be quite expensive. Few people think, when planning a holiday, of the things that can go wrong. There is no point in spending too much energy on worrying about things in advance, but it is good to be prepared for losses whenever you travel. Sudden medical expenses or delayed arrival of your luggage reduce the amount of money you'd rather spend on your well-earned holiday.

5 loss situations that surprise travellers

1. Theft of passport or wallet or loss of bag

Was your wallet stolen on your first trip to Spain? Did you fly to Bangkok but your luggage ended up in Boston? Because of tighter safety regulations, more people handle your luggage, increasing the risk that it may be sent to the wrong place.  To continue your holiday, you may need to buy clothes and other necessities.  

2. Accident

Where can you get help quickly if you rent a car in Italy and have a collision on a narrow mountain road? If you have a serious accident and there are no proper health care services nearby, you will need help to get back home and to pay for the transportation. You do not need to be any adventure traveller to get into an accident or injured.

3.  Travel cancellation because of illness

Things can go wrong even before you have left. If you have to cancel your journey because you or your near relative have fallen ill, what will happen to the excursions, hotel accommodation and airline tickets you have already paid for? Such an illness does not need to be dangerous but, for example, a broken leg may prevent you from going on a journey.

4. Falling ill or having an accident abroad

Did you get sunburn? Did you eat too much exotic delicacies? Did you step on a sea urchin?  Did you child contract an ear infection by swimming in the hotel’s pool? If you fall ill on holiday, it is important to find as quickly as possible a doctor who speaks English, with the possibility of having the treatment expenses being paid right away. Local medical treatment expenses can be surprisingly high.

5. Travel interruption because of events at home

Your holiday may be interrupted by some unpleasant event back home. Your close relative may fall seriously ill, meaning that you will surely want to be back home.