Online connections

Information about changes and the technical properties of the channels to enable electronic payment transactions to OP.

Payment data transfers to OP Group

We recommend that our customers utilise the Web Services channel as their primary channel for the transfer of payment  transaction files.

The Batch transfer service (so-called Patu channel) will be taken out of use in the near future. For this reason, the service will no longer be developed and, for example, the XML account reporting services will only be offered through the WS channel.

INFO function in the Web Services channel. We recommend its use!

The Web Services (WS) channel has a new material type, INFO, which we use to inform customers about, for example, exceptional payment data reception times in the WS channel, as well as about possible maintenance interruptions and disturbances. The info text uses UTF-8 character encoding.

The info can be distributed to all WS channel users, or to specific bank connection programs or versions thereof. INFO content can be viewed on the getFileList in the same manner as any other content to be retrieved.

Data sizes in the Web Services channel

The size limit for a single unpacked data file transferred through OP’s Web Services is 100 MB. OP requires, however, that the files be packed prior to transfer. The compression algorithm is in compliance with the RFC1952 GZIP file format specification. The size limit for packed data is 10 MB per transfer batch.